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Flying economy doesn't have to be miserable

For those willing to shell out just a little extra, several à la carte services offer experiences usually reserved for First Class passengers.

Traveling with luggage

bags vips

Lugging heavy bags on public transportation. Damaged or lost luggage. How much would you pay to avoid those hassles?

Companies like Luggage Free and Luggage Forward offer white glove service to ship your bag from your home or hotel directly to your destination. Deliveries are guaranteed on time and can be tracked.

Sending a 50 pound bag with one-day delivery costs about $300 with Luggage Free and about $200 with Luggage Forward.

But if you're willing to bring your luggage to the airport, some airlines offer a cheaper option. American Airlines, JetBlue and United have partnered with baggage company Bags VIP, which will also deliver bags to your final destination. It costs from $29.95 for one bag, up to $49.95 for three to 10 bags.

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