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America's 6 fastest growing state economies

These states had the biggest economic boost in 2014. Can they keep it up?

6. Oregon

fastest growing oregon
  • State GDP: $216 billion
  • Growth in 2014: 3.6%

Oregon is a newcomer to the fastest-growing states list. It became the nation's sixth best economy in 2014 with economic growth of 3.6%, according to the latest government data.

A manufacturing resurgence is propelling Oregon forward. Having Nike (NKE)'s headquarters and Intel (INTC)'s production unit in its backyard has certainly helped. The state exports everything from computer processors to wheat.

The Beaver state has consistently added jobs since the financial crises, especially in major industries like healthcare, manufacturing, services and hospitality. The state's unemployment rate -- 5.2% -- is below the national average.

In 2014, Oregon was also the top destination in the country for people to move to, according to a study by United Van Lines.

It offers great accessibility to green space, outdoor recreation, arts and entertainment activities, said UCLA economist Michael Stoll.

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