Name: Jeannie Whittaker, Cleveland, Ohio
Voting for: Clinton

Jeannie Whittaker

These voices are based on interviews with American voters from swing states. It's part of a special report titled "Your money, your vote," that will air on CNN on October 15.

Jeannie Whittaker has 21 great grandchildren. She is a retired security guard and says she's voted in every election since she turned 18.

"I think he [Trump] is just for the rich. He's loaded. Poor people don't have any money, but we tryin'," Whittaker told CNNMoney at a grocery store in Cleveland, Ohio. "Hopefully, God is good and things will get better. Whoever wins, I know who I'm voting for: Hillary! I wish her the best."

She struggles to live on Social Security, but her top concerns are education and jobs for the next generation.

First published October 11, 2016: 11:03 AM ET

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