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Same-sex ruling: 'A huge relief'

Couples talk about what the Supreme Court's historic decision means for their money.

Will pay more tax but 'it's all worth it'

same sex couples doma sean liphard auntre hamp

Sean Liphard and Auntré Hamp
Washington, D.C.

The couple: Liphard, 40, and Hamp, 31, began getting serious three years ago. Then they entered into a domestic partnership in California, relocated to Washington, D.C., and legally married in Maryland last month.

Financial impact: Because of the Defense of Marriage Act, the couple has had to file multiple state and federal tax returns -- costing them an extra $200 in preparation fees. That will disappear now.

Yet, the couple will owe roughly $2,000 more in income tax when filing federal taxes as a married couple. But they will save $1,500 on the tax paid on spousal health insurance.

"To be able to file taxes together and get the same benefits and be recognized as a couple is all worth it," Liphard said.

The couple went to the Supreme Court to watch the decision unfold.

"This was a huge day -- there was screaming, cheering and a woman even came up and hugged us. It was pretty emotional, overwhelming and exciting all at the same time," said Liphard. "It really solidifies our current marriage and is just a huge relief."

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