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We're having a baby through crowdfunding!

These six couples share what it's like to raise money through crowdfunding web sites for adoptions and fertility treatments.

'This is going to be very public'

crowdfunding adoption fertility crates
  • Name: Heather and Jennie Crate
  • Amount raised: $6,550
  • Estimated expenses: up to $6,000 for IUI, about $500 in Indiegogo fees

As a lesbian couple, Colorado residents Heather and Jennie Crate realized early on that becoming parents would be costly, regardless of how they did it.

After deciding on purchasing sperm and using an IUI procedure so that one of them could carry the baby, they started saving up. But then the purchase of their home in April cost them more than they had expected and they were back at square one.

When the couple turned to crowdfunding, they were quickly overwhelmed by the support they received. With their fundraising goal met, they hope to start the procedures soon.

"We realized that this was going to be very public... putting ourselves out there," Heather said. "But we also thought it might raise the awareness around the fact about how much starting a family as a lesbian or gay couple costs."

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