Norma Smith

lottery linked bank accounts norma
Norma and Ronald Smith paid off a truck with their winnings.
  • Prize: $10,000
  • Hometown: Alpena, Mich.
  • Credit union: Besser Credit Union

They told me about the Save to Win account at my credit union, so I started putting $50 in whenever I could. I'm 81 years old and on a fixed income so I didn't do it real often.

I went into my credit union one morning to cash a check and the girls there were all smiling but I didn't know why. Later in the day, they called me on the phone and said my name was drawn and I was the lucky winner of $10,000.

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I couldn't hardly believe it. I thought they were fooling me. I don't ever win anything big like that. It was a very big surprise. I paid a few bills with it, and my husband and I had just bought a truck so we paid off the truck.

It would be nice to win again, and I'll share it with someone next time if I do.

First published January 16, 2014: 10:54 AM ET

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