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Drowning in student loan debt

Last week, President Obama proposed some relief for graduates with student loans. But for too many, decisions made in college on student loans continue to haunt them. Edited for clarity.

$90,000 in debt, can't make payments

  • Name: Jeffrey Jackson
  • School: Georgia Southern University
  • Debt: $90,000

I am my family's first college graduate. The choices I had were: staying on in the housing projects where I grew up, or student loans. So I took the loans to improve my life. Since I graduated in December, I have applied for over 100 jobs and landed three interviews. I also got a bunch of emails stating I'm overqualified or that I lack the experience for better-paying jobs.

I have my bachelor's in political science and master's in public administration. I currently work at the university library but the wages I earn barely cover daily living expenses, let alone my student loans. I remain hopeful of achieving my dreams and be a positive influence on others.

  @jenliberto - Last updated June 18 2014 07:42 AM ET

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