5.  Claremont McKenna College

most expensive colleges 2016 claremont mckenna
  • Total annual cost: $66,685
  • Freshmen with financial aid: 42%

Along with Harvey Mudd, this small school is one of five undergraduate colleges in Claremont, California, and students can take classes offered at any of the schools. Most students at Claremont McKenna major in the social sciences, biology or business.

First published November 11, 2016: 12:54 PM ET
Source: The total annual cost was analyzed by the Chronicle of Higher Education based on 2016-2017 data from The College Board. Financial aid 2014-2015 data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics.
The total annual cost includes tuition, fees, and room and board for full-time, undergraduates. The share of freshmen with financial aid includes those who received grants and/or scholarships from the school, state or federal government.

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