9.  Dartmouth College

most expensive colleges 2016 dartmouth
  • Total annual cost: $66,579
  • Freshmen with financial aid: 46%

This Ivy League college might not end up being as expensive as it sounds. The school gave out scholarships valued at an average of $46,315 last year, and it offers free tuition to anyone whose family makes $100,000 or less annually.

First published November 11, 2016: 12:54 PM ET
Source: The total annual cost was analyzed by the Chronicle of Higher Education based on 2016-2017 data from The College Board. Financial aid 2014-2015 data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics.
The total annual cost includes tuition, fees, and room and board for full-time, undergraduates. The share of freshmen with financial aid includes those who received grants and/or scholarships from the school, state or federal government.

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