Des Moines, Iowa

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  • Share of Millennial mortgage holders: 59%

More Millennials have been calling Des Moines home recently thanks to job growth and low home prices.

And that's not the only place they're hanging their hats.

The lack of buying among first-time buyers in the wake of the economic crisis has had the industry biting its nails wondering if young adults would ever give up renting or move out of their parent's basement.

But now that they've finally reached the normal home-buying age, they're jumping into the market. "The No. 1 buying cohort has always been the 25-34 year olds," said Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for

Here are the top 10 markets where Millennials represented a large share of new mortgages, according to

First published October 9, 2015: 11:18 AM ET
To determine the markets where Millennials made up the highest share of purchase mortgages, analyzed mortgage purchase data from January to June that was provided by online mortgage platform Optimal Blue.

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