Madison, Wisc.

best place to age madison
  • Advantages: Quality healthcare, strong economy
  • Drawbacks: High cost of living

The number one big city to grow old in, according to the Milken Institute's annual Best Cities for Aging Successfully list. The city has 11 highly-rated hospitals, many highly-trained physicians and specialists and short wait times at the emergency room. It also offers plenty of jobs for older workers, helping to keep the poverty rate among seniors fairly low.

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First published November 18, 2014: 10:51 AM ET
Source: Milken Institute's Best Cities for Successful Aging 2014.
Milken Institute compiled its rankings based on research and data from several government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations. It looked at a range of indicators as they applied to seniors in a metropolitan statistical area, including general living conditions, access to and quality of health care, wellness and lifestyle, financial factors, living arrangements, employment and education opportunities, transportation and community engagement.

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