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Meet the entrepreneurs behind Huggable Hangers, Lobster Gram and Beachwaver - bestsellers on home shopping networks like QVC and HSN.


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Erin and Sarah Potempa and their hair-styling tool.
  • Based in: Union City, N.J.
  • Big win: Sold over 1,000 Beachwavers on first day on air with QVC
  • Website: www.sarahpotempa.com

Celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa had a successful career styling Hollywood movie stars, musicians, even politicians, including then-Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois. In fact, she trimmed Obama's eyebrows and sideburns for a Vanity Fair shoot in 2007.

But what Potempa yearned to do was to teach every girl how to style her hair like a celebrity.

So Potempa, with her sister Erin, spent three years designing a high-quality hair styling tool that could recreate the beachy curls that she frequently created for her celebrity clients.

Potempa debuted the Beachwaver styling tool on QVC in January 2012 and it became a bestseller. The Potempa sisters said they've already recouped their startup cost and have even made a profit.

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