Executive by day, entrepreneur by night

These seven moonlighters are pursuing big professional careers -- and their entrepreneurial dreams.

Intel engineer turned franchisee

engineering for kids 2 moonlighting entrepreneurs
Garver, who lives in Portland, Ore., became the first franchisee for Engineering for Kids.
  • Name: Shu-Ling Garver
  • Day job: Engineering manager with Intel
  • Side business: Engineering for Kids franchisee

Shu-Ling Garver has made it her mission at Intel to mentor women in the industry and get young kids, especially girls, excited about engineering.

So when she learned about Engineering for Kids, an after-school program designed to expose students to the basics of science and engineering, Garver became its first franchisee. Today Garver visits local schools and runs her own engineering and science programs for kids.

"Between my two jobs, I haven't had a vacation in a year. I work nights and weekends at my small business," said Garver. "But this isn't work for me because it's rewarding. I am teaching kids and my business is also creating jobs in my community."

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