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Founders from 7 startups in one of Blueprint's 2012 graduating classes.

Blueprint Health

Based in New York City, Blueprint Health offers access to execs from Walgreens (WAG), GlaxoSmithKline (GLAXF) and Aetna (AET). It offers a $20,000 investment for a 6% equity stake and has graduated 39 companies from its program.

"For the first few weeks, you're meeting with four to six mentors every day," says Josh Stein, cofounder of AdhereTech, a smart pill bottle maker. "Before Blueprint Health, you would have done anything to have these people take your phone call."

His company inked a partnership with GE (GE) and is in the midst of three pilot studies with universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Other graduates

  • IntelligentM: Automated bracelets that monitor doctors' hand hygiene. It's raised $545,000.
  • Spotme: Helps companies reward employees for things like joining gyms or participating in athletics. On track to have 30 clients by March.
  • Artemis: Crunches data to help health administrators cut waste and boost revenue. It's raised $1 million.

First published January 16, 2018: 12:06 PM ET

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