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Need last-minute holiday decorations? Some more bottles of wine? Just Wunwun it to your doorstep.

Wunwun, a New York-based on-demand delivery startup, delivers anything you want -- within an hour.

Users can request items through the Wunwun iOS app. The startup doesn't even tack on additional fees for the convenience of delivery -- customers just pay the retail cost if you're within a delivery zone.

It's possible to request items from a particular store, but if customers don't have a preference, Wunwun will choose the local shop. (For example, if you Wunwun a bottle of Cabernet, a Wunwun "helper" will go to a wine shop; they'll even text pictures of the wine to ensure you're happy with it before they buy.)

If you want something from a non-retail location -- like grabbing a pair of sneakers you left at the gym and delivering them to your office -- it'll cost a $10 fee. The startup currently operates in San Francisco, New York City and the Hamptons.

Don't live in these cities? Try on-demand delivery startup Postmates (which does charge a delivery fee, starting at $5).

First published December 12, 2014: 8:31 PM ET

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