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Rob Wright
  • Searches for businesses of this type on Thumbtack: 19,320, up from 4,656 in 2014

Summer is the season for moon bounce rentals.

Just what is that? Inflatable bounce houses that you often see at carnivals, street fairs and, increasingly, private parties.

Searches for moon bounce rentals have surged in the last year on Thumbtack.

Rob Wright, owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals in Springfield, Pa., isn't surprised.

"It's not just for kids anymore," he said. "Adults are renting them for a fun time that doesn't cost a lot."

Wright said the inflatable houses are becoming more elaborate, with some featuring obstacle courses and water slides. He rents his inflatables for $200 to $600 each.

For Wright, it's a seasonal business. "But if your business is in warm place, you can have steady business year round," he said.

First published July 21, 2015: 9:01 AM ET

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