Groupon CEO's weirdest moments

The 32-year-old Andrew Mason joked about dollhouses, gorilla suits, and fat camps during his tenure as Groupon CEO.

Cabbage Patch dolls

Just-ousted Groupon CEO Andrew Mason once responded to a class-action lawsuit with his own class-action lawsuit against the company.

In early 2010, law firm Edelson McGuire filed suit against Groupon (GRPN), accusing the company of flouting gift certificate law by including expiration dates on the daily deals.

Mason responded to the lawsuit on the Groupon blog: "We've decided that the best way to respond is by organizing our own class action. If there actually are customers out there that feel like we've let them down, we want to get them their money as quickly as possible."

He didn't stop there. In Mason's eyes, he said, Edelson's lawsuit was borne out of one of two reasons. Either the law firm wanted to make money for itself, or....

"Instead of taking advantage of our 100% open refund policy or telling us about their problems or sharing them in a public forum, our customers are secretly gossiping about them to each other and Edelson McGuire, kind of like Emily Johnson did against me in 9th grade (Emily if you are reading this I want my cabbage patch doll back)," Mason wrote.

Mason eventually took down the blog post as litigation heated up. The company later settled with the customer in question, and the lawsuit was dismissed.

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