Death of the mouse! 6 new ways to control your PC

Call it a "disappearing user interface," or "perceptual computing." Whichever clunky name you use, you'll soon be controlling your PC with gestures, voice commands and eye movements. See ya, mouse!

Leap Motion

death to mouse leap motion

Leap Motion is more than gesture control: It tracks even the eeniest wiggle of a digit.

The company's highly sophisticated system can track the movements of all 10 fingers on your hand. The tiniest twitch is picked up, down to 1/100th of a millimeter (smaller than the tip of a pin) with movements tracked at 290 frames per second.

Leap Motion president and COO Andy Miller told CNNMoney the company has "been contacted by pretty much everyone you can think of" in fields from autos to robotic surgery to fast food.

Watch: Control your computer without touching it

Those corporate licensing discussions are still in the early days, but consumers will soon be able to buy a Leap Motion Controller. The $70 box plugs into the computer, and users can control their PCs without a mouse. The controller is selling exclusively at Best Buy (BBY) starting in the spring.

Miller says it's only the beginning for touchless computing: "The consumer psyche has been seeded with [Microsoft's] Kinect and [the iPhone's] Siri. That gives us momentum at Leap, because people want to control their world in new ways."

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