5 super-cool supercomputers

The Chinese reclaimed the top spot on June's 'Top500' fastest supercomputers list with a system almost twice as fast as any other.

Stampede (United States)

supercomputer texas

"Stampede" at the Texas Advanced Computing Center of the University of Texas is one of those rare supercomputers that actually moved up in the rankings.

After receiving an upgrade since the last "Top500 List" was released in November, Stampede moved up one notch to number six.

It was manufactured by Dell (DELL) and has achieved 5.2 petaflops.

Any researcher at a U.S. institution can submit a request to use Stampede, making it one of the largest open computer systems in the world. Currently, researchers are using Stampede to explore the flow of ice from Antarctica into the sea and to forecast earthquakes.

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