What is the American Dream?

Americans want many things out of life now.

The American Dream used to be
a house with a white picket fence.

Now there are many American Dreams.

Here’s what our readers strive for.

Do what I want

I built wealth so that I can do what
I want when I want. That’s the
American Dream to me.

Being debt free

Eliminating debt, well for me
that's the American Dream.

Find peace within yourself

The American Dream to me is being able to do what you enjoy doing, to strive to be
the very best at what you can do and balance your work life with your social and
family life and find the peace within yourself.

Owning your
own business

Knowing that you can launch a
successful business amid the

Live off the land

My American Dream is to
be self-sustaining. My husband
and I want something simple...
to live off the land and be
debt free.

See the country

My American Dream was to travel around the United States
and see it. I was 47 before I got to do it. I got a job driving 18-wheelers.

Helping others

Using all of the resources that
we have to help as many other
people attain their dream as well.

Retiring early

Retiring comfortably at a
reasonably young age.

Compiled by Tami Luhby