The 2015 billionaire social calendar

Here’s where the jet setters, movers and shakers will be jet setting, moving and shaking in 2015.

World Economic Forum

After the Forum it's the after party, then after the party it's the hotel lobby, and after the Belve' then it's probably Cris'.

Fun fact:

Safety is so tight, Eurofighter Typhoons patrol the airspace in Davos.

Snow Polo World Cup

Ambassadors and billionaires alike gather to watch the impossibly exclusive, chic version of the sport, which is only played in Switzerland.

Fun fact:

The winner’s trophy is, of course, sponsored by Cartier.

Gran Ballo Della Cavalchina

The coveted Carnival ball every "Gossip Girl" party wishes it could be.

Fun fact:

This is like Moulin Rouge, meets Vegas meets New York gala, all in a famous opera house.

Fashion Weeks

Nothing says glamour like bumper-to-bumper traffic, starving between shows and getting shoved by PR girls in your front row seat next to Anna.

Fun fact:

You may have scored a ticket to a show, but you're nothing if you don't get an invite to an after party.

Cricket World Cup

"The flagship event of the international cricket calendar."
— Things rich people say

Fun fact:

In case you start taking
this too seriously, there's a term called "cricktainment," known as cricket just as entertainment. We don't
get it either.

Milken Institute Global Conference

Lofty policy talks for heads of state, CEOs and movie stars, oh my.

U.S. Masters

Deep green jackets, deep green grass, lots of deep, green pockets.

Fun fact:

Augusta National Golf Club was co-founded by a big-time Wall Streeter. Go figure!

Cannes Film Festival

Everyone knows the yacht parties, celebrity flings, and champagne showers are better than the movies anyway.

Fun fact:

Where you can say, "Justin Bieber, Paul Allen, Karl Lagerfeld and a Kardashian walked into a bar..."

Kentucky Derby

There's a section in this horse race called "Millionaires Row." Enough said.

Fun fact:

Since the race's start, there have been horses with names beginning with every letter of the alphabet except "X." Unclear if that's true for name brands of alcohol consumed.

Monaco Grand Prix

Models, champagne bottles, royals, oh and Formula One drivers happen to be the best of the best and the track is pure excitement.

Fun fact:

Some of the most exclusive party invitations are said to come in golden boxes with cards used to scan in order to gain entry.

G8 Summit

If you can make it here, it’s pretty much impossible that you haven’t made it somewhere else.

Fun fact:

Royal Ascot

A few years ago, the event released new dress code rules explaining what formal wear consists of because apparently you were tacky and they hated you.

Fun fact:

Women must wear hats that are at least 4 inches in diameter. For men, top hats.

Henley Royal Regatta

Another English society event with a dress code. Men wear lounge suits and ladies don dresses with hemlines below the knee.

Fun fact:

You're not allowed to
use your phone on the grounds. Don't they know you're


You have the chance to sit near David and Victoria Beckham, Prince William and Duchess Kate and the guy from LMFAO.

Fun fact:

The event serves 230,000 glasses of Pimm's and 28,000 bottles of champagne.

Clipper Round the World

A fleet of 12 identical (but sponsored) racing yachts manned with a fully-qualified skipper sail 40,000 miles around the globe, for a year.

Fun fact:

The racers are mostly novices. This sounds smart.

Monaco Yacht Show

Your yacht looks so last season. Time to upgrade, and where better than the world's largest annual yacht trade show with 33,000 other shoppers?

Fun fact:

Last year, 115 superyachts and nearly 33,000 people showed up.

London Art Frieze

Because one art fair is not enough, the glitterati travel across the pond to drop tens of thousands of dollars on experimental sculptures.

Fun fact:

This year, the theme was performance art, which included one man saying different objects tasted like cake and salted meat.



Source: Wealth-X; Images: Getty Images By: Emily Fox and Tal Yellin / CNNMoney