The Interface That Thinks Like You Do
By Paul Kaihla

(Business 2.0) – Remember when Tom Cruise's character in Minority Report used pantomime to flip the "pages" of a holographic image? That dream interface—one that responds to human gestures—could show up in handhelds next year. MyOrigo, a tech startup in Oulu, Finland, spent three years and $20 million developing a $40,000 smartphone prototype that lets users navigate the Web with one hand. "It solves an age-old dilemma of translating big-screen graphics to a small screen," says Christian Lindholm, Nokia's director of multimedia applications. By miming the action of page-turning, users can leaf through documents book-style. Tilt the device or slide it like a mouse and you can roam over webpages without clicking or pushing keys. Simply tip it to zoom in or out. MyOrigo CEO J.P. Metsävainio is already licensing the technology to two major consumer electronics firms, and he says fees from the handheld market alone could top $200 million a year. The technology may eventually find its way into car dashboards, videogame consoles, and tablet PCs in hospitals. Now all that's missing are the pre-cogs. — PAUL KAIHLA