Table of contents: VOL. 7, NO. 5 - June 1, 2006
Got a great idea? There's never been a better time to turn it into a great company. Here's a 16-step guide to help you do it right. (more)

The economy is chugging along nicely--but some firms are racing ahead. Our annual ranking highlights the businesses whose business is really booming. (more)
Fat Americans have become our fastest-growing consumer segment. To many, that's an unpleasant surprise. To entrepreneurial mavericks, it's a market of potentially immense proportions. (more)
Wells Fargo CEO Dick Kovacevich says there's no such thing as bad customers. But there are companies that don't work hard enough to turn them into good ones. (more)
Richard Tracy wants to produce the world's first supersonic executive jet. He's got clever technology and backing from a billionaire. But can Aerion succeed where many others have failed? (more)
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what's cool
The business tools you can't work without (more)
Ultracompact Digital Cameras (more)
The latest rage: Buying cheap Internet sites, building them out, and reselling them. (more)
Tired of staring at taxi partitions and brake lights? Here are faster and cheaper options for getting from one meeting to the next. (more)
It's cheap, compact, and filled with everything you need when things go wrong on the road. Pack it up, put it in your suitcase, and forget about it--until disaster strikes. (more)
With this car, General Motors offers surprisingly powerful evidence that its best is yet to come. (more)

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Why one think tank is giving away prescient product ideas. (more)

Basement biotech could soon be a source of new lifesaving discoveries--and riches for those who can make them on the cheap. (more) founder Bob Young wants to liberate authors from the tyranny of the book-publishing industry. (more)
With a new concept store, Business 2.0 Magazine reports, the electronics giant tries to lure more young nerds. (more)
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How Nomad Food & Design uses catering to enhance corporate identities. (more)
Maximilian Riedel's stemless wineglass saved his cabinet space and sent Riedel Crystal's U.S. sales soaring. (more)
By combining nostalgia and know-how, the Art of Shaving is capitalizing on the men's grooming boom. (more)
Disclosing every detail of skyrocketing compensation packages is only making a bad situation worse. It's time to go back to keeping the numbers private. (more)
Before it could reap the rewards of a new ad campaign--and its iconic Easy Button--Staples needed to simplify itself. (more)
Hiring outsider CEOs can be a big mistake - and is often a symptom of even bigger problems. (more)
Our annual rankings show another banner year for the businesses leading the tech revival. Here's who is out in front and how they got there. |more|
It's getting crowded on the Web 2.0 frontier, but we highlight the newcomers most likely to strike gold in 2007. |more|
See the video, test your Dumbest knowledge, and let us know what you think was the year's most boneheaded moves. |more|
The real estate slump could get worse before it gets better. Here are smart strategies for today's turbulent market. |more|
It just may be possible to have it all. Business 2.0's guide shows you how to live large now - and bankroll your future. |more|