Table of contents: VOL. 8, NO. 1 - February 1, 2007
Think humanity's problems are too big to be tackled by business? Think again. Here are nine companies showing how we can make millions saving us from ourselves. (more)

The creator of the PalmPilot and the Treo is at it again. But his latest startup, Numenta, isn't just making another gadget. It's attempting to fuse silicon and gray matter to produce the ultimate intelligent machine. (more)

The boors, buffoons, and blunderers of 2006, starring Disney, McDonald's and Microsoft; Larry Ellison, Paris Hilton, and Steve Wynn; and Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart. (more)
Niche players are resuscitating the subscription model to make money off homemade instructional websites. (more)
Why a company's greatest peril is often its own success. (more)
NBC Universal digital chief Beth Comstock is being groomed for bigger things. But first she has to conquer the Web. (more)
Some of the smartest new companies on the Net are those that are doing the content collectors one better. (more)
the big idea
Now meet nine for-profit companies that are fixing them. (more)
the business 2.0 bookmark
Go green. Get rich. (more)
what's cool
The business tools you can't work without (more)
Six sites with the information you need to plan better business trips. (more)
Ready for the day when you can let your car take the wheel? The Lexus LS 460L promises that day will be here sooner than you think. (more)
what's cool: stuff that makes the job less of a chore
Why did Red Bull install a 29-foot slide at its London HQ? Because sometimes energy drinks aren't enough to keep the creative juices flowing. (more)
what's next: the top 10 products, ideas, and trends

what works
How Rick Shubb created a tool that today's rock stars can't live without. (more)
How does a new agency get ahead? By offering a lot more than just ads. (more)
OnRequest helps companies hone their images by taking chaos out of photo shoots. (more)
By embracing the latest Web technology and crafting its product to suit power users, scrappy Jobster is laying into the industry giants. (more)
what works: people and companies that get it
Voice-recognition technology is no longer stuttering - and that means huge opportunities for established players and newcomers alike. (more)
Our annual rankings show another banner year for the businesses leading the tech revival. Here's who is out in front and how they got there. |more|
It's getting crowded on the Web 2.0 frontier, but we highlight the newcomers most likely to strike gold in 2007. |more|
See the video, test your Dumbest knowledge, and let us know what you think was the year's most boneheaded moves. |more|
The real estate slump could get worse before it gets better. Here are smart strategies for today's turbulent market. |more|
It just may be possible to have it all. Business 2.0's guide shows you how to live large now - and bankroll your future. |more|