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Table of Contents:VOL. 8, NO. 4 - May 2007
Ripping up the rules of managementMeet the contrarians, 11 business leaders who achieved success by zigging while the rest of the world zagged. (more)
Thought Jeff Bezos was crazy before? Check out what he's up to now. (more)
John Mackey slimmed down executive salaries at Whole Foods, resulting in a healthier economy. (more)
BET made Robert Johnson a billionaire. Now he's launching half a dozen more ventures run by African Americans. (more)
Once dismissed as a Web 2.0 dilettante, Arianna Huffington has turned her blog into a successful business. (more)
Chipmaker and outspoken libertarian T.J. Rodgers is betting big on solar power -- even if it is government-subsidized. (more)
The best jobs in the hottest marketsThe hiring boom is slowing down, but even as the economy cools, a few choice regions will stay red-hot. See the 10 cities where prospects are brightest, the country's hottest jobs, fastest-growing salaries, and more. (more)
Innovation doesn't just create jobs -- it spins off entirely new occupations. Here are five you can get into now. (more)
David Lubars gave legendary ad agency BBDO an extreme makeover to revive a troubled business. So far, his is the new model to beat on Madison Avenue. (more)
A studio system for startupsToday's incubators are creating a studio system for startups. (more)
The latest iPod rival thinks different about how you get your tunes. (more)
Meet the hybrid of the high seas: A wind-powered containership. (more)
A new service targeting business travelers will do the packing and schlepping of baggage for you. (more)
Content from the biggest providers for the smallest of blogs. (more)
How to get young men to watch ads? Offer to pay their bills. (more)
New paging systems take the 'wait' out of 'waiter!' (more)
Energy from the sun, now in a convenient backpack size. (more)
Looking for the next wave of robotics? Forget nanotech -- think 'claytronics.' (more)
Coming to an online bank near you: The hackproof credit card. (more)
Why Wii wonThe inside story of how Nintendo outfoxed Sony and Microsoft and got itself back in the game. (more)
Why there's big money in tricking out private jets. (more)
ShiftWise turned the U.S. nursing shortage into a thriving online business. (more)
The Silicon Valley giant is courting studios and retailers with a well-engineered plan to digitize Hollywood's archives -- and give everyone DVDs on demand. (more)
Two brothers turned a swimming problem -- and a cheeky way to solve it -- into a $3 million line of waterproof headphones. (more)
For Hangar One's chief distiller, drinking on the job is part of the gig. (more)
Toshiba's all-business laptop that doubles as a tablet, a universal remote that programs itself, and Nike's sporty iPod mashup. (more)
The newest generation of do-it-all handsets proves that a serious productivity tool needn't be a hulking package. (more)
New social networks for road warriors let you fly, dine, and hit the links with peers. (more)
With its one-of-a-kind convertible hardtop, the Volkswagen Eos can keep you comfy, not matter what Mother Nature unleashes. (more)
The online-video generation is using broadband and wireless to stay in constant touch with friends. 500 channels? Try 7 billion. (more)
Getting your site on the first page of Google's search results may seem daunting. But it's easier than you think -- and can turn a hobby into a thriving business. (more)
Most turnaround efforts focus on new practices or products. Real ones change how employees think about their jobs. (more)
John McFarlane wants to fill every room of your house with tunes. Does that make Sonos a game changer -- or takeover bait? (more)
Sony makes the cash register ring with sounds adults can't hear, Quiksilver's push into winter sports proves to be an inconvenient goof, SABMiller boosts sales by repoing its High Life brand from the bistro crowd, and more. (more)
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Ripping up the rules of management
Meet the contrarians, 11 business leaders who succeeded by zigging while the rest of the world zagged. (more)
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