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Table of Contents:VOL. 8, NO. 8 - September 2007
The Next DisruptorsWatch out, Microsoft, GE, United, AT&T, and, yes, even Google. Here come 15 game-changing startups with plans to upend existing industries and spawn new opportunities for the rest of us. (more)
The Facebook economyThe No. 2 social network is fast evolving into a new kind of software platform - and the race is on to figure out how to turn users' every move into dollars for enterprising developers. (more)
Every year thousands visit the garages where Hewlett-Packard and Apple were hatched. But the hottest tech companies out there weren't all started in a car lot. (more)
Bangalore. Singapore. Tokyo. Tel Aviv. These days they're not just vacation spots, they're home to your clients, partners, and staff. Here's what you need to know before heading out to the new capitals of tech. (more)
Fred Franzia, the man behind America's favorite bargain vino, has a big mouth and an even bigger winemaking empire - one that's scaring the bejeezus out of his elitist rivals. (more)
Time share your petDog-friendly but commitment-phobic? A new rent-a-pooch chain thinks it has the perfect solution. (more)
Charles Simonyi's Intentional Software is making software that writes its own code, easing technical burden and reducing human error. (more)
Web start-up Fetchback develops software that pursues potential customers wherever they may go. (more)
Our wallets are stuffed with too much plastic -- so iCache developed a single card to mimic them all. (more)
The 'Adget' will allow online readers to interact with businesses without leaving the newspaper's site. (more)
New PVM parking meter will allow for payment by credit card and extra minutes without having to return to your car. (more)
This condominium complex takes a bottom-up, user-generated approach to constructing residential space. (more)
Chaotic, a new game launched by 4Kids Entertainment and Chaotic USA, combines Pokemon-style gameplay with online networking. (more)
Consumers can now take cell phone pictures of their meals for nutritional consultations. (more)
How do you feed the world's booming population with less available land? Take farming to the sky. (more)
Job interview brainteasersGoogle, Microsoft, and eBay want engineers who can think on their feet. How do they find them? With these job interview brainteasers. (more) combines simple drag-and-drop tools with an online community for swapping ideas. (more)
How does a couple run a business together and stay married? The co-founders of Six Apart, Flickr, Bebo, and others share their secrets. (more)
Costs of rapid prototyping technology are plummeting, opening new opportunities for crafty entrepreneurs. (more)
What's the best way to find a job at the next Google? Our experts weigh in. (more)
What's my favorite car? It's an AudiAfter five years of testing the fastest, swankiest, most technologically advanced rides on the road, our car columnist declares a winner. (more)
Jamming in a state-of-the-art sound studio is just another day at the office for folks at pro-audio maker Shure. (more)
A Bluetooth headset that's all signal and no noise, a powerful way to network your computers, and the mysterious elixir that wards off jet lag. (more)
Better controls and ergonomics define new office 'thrones.' (more)
The altruist in the labSunil Shaunak has a plan to cure the Third World and crack Big Pharma's monopoly in the process, writes Business 2.0. (more)
How can you avoid the expense of third-party brokers? Throw up a website and pretend to be one yourself. (more)
Board oversight is a good thing, but the procedures of the new governance firms leave a lot to be desired. (more)
Activision plays a profitable encore to Guitar Hero II, a book publisher finds magic riding the coattails of Harry Potter, a cell-phone charger puts more spring in the Energizer bunny's step, and more. (more)
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The Next Disruptors
Watch out, Microsoft, GE, United, AT&T, and, yes, even Google. Here come 10 game-changing startups with plans to upend existing industries and spawn new opportunities for the rest of us. (more)
Have you driven a Fjord lately?
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50 Who Matter Now
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The man who owns the Internet
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