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The New Disruptors - A video series written and produced by
Business 2.0 Editor-at-large Erick Schonfeld in conjunction with CNN.

The New Disruptors wants to upend the online travel business. CEO Tom Romary explains why companies like Orbitz and Expedia are about to encounter severe turbulence. (more)video
Media players like Alex Albrecht of Diggnation and former Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon discuss whether user-generated sites are the future of media -- or if old media will ultimately win the war. (more)video
Red Hat founder Bob Young and DayJet founder Ed Iacobucci describe their Eureka moments -- and how they turned them into successful companies. (more)video
Michael Jones of retail consultants ChannelAdvisor and Tim Toben of real estate firm Greenbridge Developments define what it means to be a disruptor -- and predict which industries are ripe for the next extreme makeover. (more)video
CEO Jay Adelson explains why new and old media clamor to be "Dugg" -- and how has been able to leapfrog the Web 2.0 competition. (more)video
EoPlex claims the perfect solution to power loss: A device that recharges batteries with rubbing alcohol. CEO Arthur Chait makes the case for why the EoPlex technology is revolutionary. (more)video has turned the newspaper industry on its head, but that's not the only industry that's been upended by the popular forum for free advertising. Founder Craig Newmark talks about his cutting-edge community service. (more)video
Can Americans kick their oil habit? Editor-at-large Erick Schonfeld looks at new innovations that could make driving fast, easy, and environmentally-friendly. (more)video
Ian Clifford, the CEO of Zenn Motor Co., is building an electric car that recharges in 5 minutes, can drive up to 400 miles on a single charge and, most importantly, is virtually identical to today's internal combustion-operated vehicles. (more)video