New Rules of Real Estate
Best places to invest now
Business 2.0, in its November 2006 issue, ranks the countryís real estate markets that are most likely to post the biggest home price gains by 2011. (more)
Where not to buy
The 10 cities where median home prices are expected to drop the most in 2007. (more)

5 Bubble-proof markets
These superstar cities outperform the rest of the nation over time. (more)

Top 10 foreclosure markets
Soaring default rates and widely available market data have made it easy to become a real estate closer. Here are the top markets for foreclosures as of September 2006. (more)

Turn cheap homes into rental properties. (more)
Housing demand is booming in college towns. (more)
Need cash fast? Online auctions get it done. (more)
Thinking about moving? See how much you need to earn to maintain the same lifestyle. (more)
Tell us your home price, down payment and interest rate to see how much you'd need to shell out. (more)
See the average cost of 15 common projects and how much they can add to the value of your home. (more)
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