Business 2.0: The Next Job Boom

Hot Cities
The Sun Belt will lead job growth from now through 2015 as megacities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix expand. (more)

Hot Jobs
New studies say everyone's out looking. The latest data says everyone's hiring. Here's what workers (and their bosses) need to know. (more)
Photo/illustration: Ramona Rosales

Help Wanted
The latest data shows why the labor market is starting to shift in job-seekers' favor. (more)

They may not be scouring the Wall St. Journal, but college seniors are good at reading the economic tea leaves when it comes to their job prospects. (more)
From keeping BlackBerrys in shape to settling minor divorce disputes, some interesting new positions have sprung up in recent years. (more)
It's very hard to tell, especially when your company books a handsome profit. (more)
Script consultants make their living making screenwriters more successful, or at least better writers and story pitchers. (more)
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