How to build a bulletproof startup
Got a great idea? There's never been a better time to turn it into a great company. Here's a 16-step guide to help you do it right.
For entrepreneurs, now is the time
New technologies are creating new business opportunities, and radically reducing costs for startups. Still, success is as difficult as ever. (more)
Phase One
In order to get started you’ve got to test your idea, build a founding team, get a business plan together and pick a company name that will take you to the top. Here’s what to keep in mind. (more)
Phase Two
Finally the rubber meets the road, as you stake out your intellectual property and assemble the demo that will help you sell your idea. (more)
Phase Three
Now is the time to start installing your staff -- hire the best you can afford. They’ll help you perfect your company's product and begin the beta testing process. (more)
Phase Four
Now that the testing is done and the product has been refined, you need to find paying customers. So stop fiddling and start selling! (more)
Angel Investor
Here is what every aspiring business-owner should look for in early-stage backers. Remember, it's not just money you want; you also want brainpower, connections, and experience. (more)
What a VC wants to see in you
You too can woo even the fussiest venture capitalists. Be sure you’re pitching to the right partner -- and expect them to present you with a deal sheet that has some tough terms. (more)
Bulletproof Startup
See “How to Build a Bulletproof Startup” exactly as it appeared in the June, 2006 issue of Business 2.0 Magazine. (more)
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