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Kiss your cell phone carrier good-bye 7:43am: Feeling shackled by your wireless service provider? There's a way to free yourself - and your handset - from the limits of a single carrier, writes Fortune's Michal Lev-Ram. (more)
Aug 24: Teen mobile phone usage is way up, and the younger consumers are hungry for new wireless capabilities. Some device makers are finally starting to catch on, writes Business 2.0's Michal Lev-Ram. (more)
Aug 10: The world's largest mobile phone maker has had a tough time selling to American consumers. But that could soon change, writes Business 2.0's Michal Lev-Ram. (more)
Jul 27: The troubled phone maker has a long way to go before it can turn itself around. Business 2.0's Michal Lev-Ram reports. (more)
Jul 13: Once the gaming industry's biggest extravaganza, the E3 conference this year was both smaller and a whole lot duller, writes Business 2.0's Michal Lev-Ram. (more)
May 30: With Microsoft and AOL diving into the mobile-ad business, get ready for a barrage of commercials on your mobile phone. Business 2.0's Michal Lev-Ram reports. (more)
May 14: South Korea is a hotbed of cutting-edge cell phones - but its largest phone maker is hoping an iPod rival won't be lost in translation after the iPhone launches. (more)
May 4: The Sidekick is the BlackBerry of the 18-to-34 demo. But how long can it stay cool? (more)
Apr 19: Wireless companies have set their hungry sights on tweens. From finicky youngsters to wary parents, it's not been an easy market to crack. (more)
Apr 6: A recent barrage of new mobile phone services is making our heads to spin. Business 2.0 writer Michal Lev-Ram warns the wireless industry to slow down--or risk alienating consumers. (more)
Mar 21: The upcoming iPhone's multi-touch technology isn't anything new, but suddenly there's a deluge of touchscreen devices. Is this the beginning of the end of the keyboard? (more)
Feb 23: Mobile video is all the rage in the wireless world, so how long before porn hits the two-inch screen? As Canada's No. 2 cell phone carrier just discovered, it may take awhile. (more)
Feb 8: The newest multimedia services like mobile TV and Web browsing might get all the glory, but phone calls still offer plenty of opportunity. (more)
Jan 26: Wireless carriers hope to cash in on your need for everything from turn-by-turn mapping instructions to keeping close tabs on your teen. (more)
Jan 11: Providers are scrambling to let consumers take the boob tube to go - but are we willing to pay up for the privilege? (more)
Dec 19: From Vertu to Motorola, handset makers are discovering that limited-edition cell phones rock - in some cases, literally. (more)
Dec 1: At long last, mobile phones have the ability to transfer cash wirelessly. So why aren't consumers using their handsets as their personal ATM this holiday season? (more)
Nov 17: Petite, sleek, and ready to shoot, the Sony Ericsson handset is 007's favorite accessory. And it's just one of a number of smartphones now striving for Hollywood stardom. (more)
Nov 2: The future Google unit has big plans to help consumers create and share video with their cell phones. But so do a lot of competitors. (more)
Oct 18: ESPN fumbled as a wireless mobile service operator, but it had the right idea. Helio is one company that could succeed where the sports network failed. (more)
Oct 4: Web services for mobile phones are in urgent need of a jumpstart. A new domain is at least a step in the right direction. (more)
Sep 21: The cell-phone giant plans to break Palm and RIM's lock on the U.S. smartphone market with a powerful, affordable phone. (more)
Sep 7: Goodbye, dull - hello, Dolce & Gabbana. For this season's cell phones, sex appeal is a must. (more)
Aug 24: The third-place cell-phone company's backing of a new wireless technology could help it reconnect with customers. (more)
Aug 11: As the cost of failing to comply with environmental rules soars, cell phones that eliminate toxins and are easy to recycle make bottom-line sense. (more)
Jul 26: E-mail use is dropping fast among teens - a bonanza for wireless operators, but a troublesome trend for Web portals and online marketers. (more)
Jul 12: Japan's Weathernews is producing bite-sized videos of American weather forecasts - part of a wave of local content coming to your cell phone. (more)
Jun 27: Israeli startup Wavion is promising a cheaper way to flood entire cities with wireless broadband. (more)
Jun 13: Wireless carriers are betting that customers will endure commercials in exchange for free airtime or downloads. (more)
May 30: Can startups like 4Info and Promptu challenge the Web search giants in the mobile market? (more)
May 16: Humbled by its ill-fated N-Gage, Nokia is plotting a comeback by making it easier for developers to create games for all kinds of phones. (more)
May 4: Internet calling isn't just for PCs. It can also save you lots of money on mobile calls abroad. (more)
Apr 18: Leap Wireless's earnings have jumped thanks to its strategy of catering to low-income customers in rural markets. (more)
Apr 4: To reach audiences that wireless carriers can't or won't serve, wireless publishers are finding clever new ways to market their content. (more)
Mar 21: More local businesses may try to drum up business by sending ads and discount offers to your cell phone. But will users accept marketing by mobile? (more)
Mar 7: The online payment service may be preparing to launch a service that would let people pay for items by texting from their cell phones. (more)
Feb 16: News Corp.'s youth-oriented Web portal extends its influence into the wireless world. (more)
Feb 6: Thanks to slick new software, cell phones are getting as powerful as PCs. (more)
Jan 18: The nation's largest newspaper publisher wants to zap sports scores and stock quotes to your cellphone. (more)