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(FORTUNE Magazine) – SPOKANE -- A Washington State Penitentiary inmate filed a lawsuit Tuesday charging his civil rights were violated when prison officials ordered him to quit playing Dungeons & Dragons. Kenneth P. McClure, a medium-security inmate in Walla Walla, said he spent $38 on two advanced Dungeons & Dragons books in December, only to have them seized by prison guards . . . McClure, who denies Dungeons & Dragons promotes Satanism, presented in the federal lawsuit a two-page description of the game and its characters, including the cleric, druid . . . thief, assassin, and monk . . . The prisoner said he was told . . . that the prison does not allow games that require players to . . . demoralize others . . . McClure said if that is the policy . . . Monopoly would have to be banned . . . ''The goal is to take everyone's money and thereby demoralize everyone else and be the richest and only person owning any property,'' McClure wrote in his ^ suit. -- From a UPI dispatch.