(FORTUNE Magazine) – KONICA KANPAI KAMERA Candid Camera never had it this good. The Konica Kanpai not only delivers sharp pictures like other 35-mm cameras but responds to your voice as well. Meant for taking impromptu shots at parties, the Kanpai (''cheers'' in Japanese) sits on a tripod in the center of a gathering. Frame your photo, switch on the Kanpai, and it swivels back and forth within a 45-degree arc snapping photos whenever it hears a burst of noise. So as not to use up film too quickly, the camera's computer-chip brain paces itself by first adjusting to the prevailing level of voices or music. Then it reacts to shouts or sudden laughter and starts clicking away. You can move the camera around during the course of an evening or just leave it to catch whoever crosses its path. The Kanpai is at camera stores and mass merchandisers across the country. List price: $216.

MATLOCK WORKHORSE Loading cargo onto delivery trucks is so dangerous that insurance rates are going through the roof. Matlock Trailer of Cleveland, Tennessee, has an answer: a clever mechanical loading system that takes most human risk out of the equation. The Workhorse fits onto the ceiling of a truck body. At the push of a button it lifts items weighing up to 2,500 pounds and puts them anywhere inside the truck, stacking them if necessary. Because nobody has to touch the - cargo, the Workhorse is ideal for handling hazardous waste. Matlock's Workhorse starts at $5,995 and can be customized to fit nonstandard vehicles.

YAMAHA MUSIC SEQUENCER Have a yen to make music but your ear is made of tin? Yamaha's Music Sequencer is a videotape-size, 11-ounce music-making machine designed for those with the urge to compose. The sequencer offers 76 preset music styles, including jazz, hard rock, country, and pop. Select one, choose a couple of chords, and the machine automatically puts together drum, bass, and keyboard patterns that fit your tune in the style you have picked. Change the key, and the backup patterns adjust to keep the proper harmonies. You can alter the tempo or the instruments even if you can't read a single note of music. Attach headphones and you can make your beautiful music in planes, trains, and automobiles. Price: $399.

VEGISNAX Not all fast food has to raise your cholesterol count. FreshWorld, a joint venture of Du Pont and DNA Plant Technology in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, thinks that carrots and celery can be just as appetizing as cheese puffs. VegiSnax are ready-to-eat veggie sticks conveniently packaged for healthy on- the-go noshing; they've been developed to be crisper and sweeter than local produce. Biotechnologists screened over 1,000 varieties, then hybridized the best to produce the ultimate vegetables. They're available now in Washington and Oregon at about 59 cents for three ounces or $1.09 for six ounces (vs. 49 cents a pound for the ordinary versions). VegiSnax will appear nationally over the next few months. If you can't wait, McDonald's is testing FreshWorld's vegetables under its own name at some franchises around the U.S.