Editor's Desk
By Rik Kirkland/Managing Editor

(FORTUNE Magazine) – We're changing the guard in London. After seven years Europe editor Janet Guyon is returning to New York City to bring her skeptical intellect and bulldog reporting to bear on big American companies and personalities. Heading over there as our new cop on the Euro-beat is the fellow pictured above, Nelson Schwartz. Nelson is a triple threat. He does the word thing well, in both the short and long forms, and is a terrific spokesman on TV or at conferences. Nelson started out covering Wall Street and the markets for FORTUNE in 1997 and has since developed expertise in a wide range of beats, including two--oil and the Middle East--that he should be able to pursue even more effectively from his new perch. Welcome home, Janet. And Nellie, one last word of advice: As a former FORTUNE contributor named Alan Greenspan told me when I was heading off to London as Europe editor in 1985, "Just don't start spelling labor with a 'u.' "

Senior writer Roger Parloff loves to take on complicated, gnarly reporting challenges (think asbestos litigation or Canadian drug re-imports) and, without minimizing their complexity, explain the issues in a way that makes them not only comprehensible but also a great read. The current cover story is arguably his gnarliest and most important assignment yet. It's the tale of how and why a tiny company named SCO Group finds itself at the center of a multifront legal battle that threatens the future of one of the hottest trends in tech--the rise of Linux and other forms of free software. Anyone who has installed or is contemplating installing that code in his business--which means pretty much everyone--needs to read this story. Once again, Roger delivers the goods.