The Market According To Buffett
By David Stires

(FORTUNE Magazine) – How much would you pay to get close to Warren Buffett? In what must set a new record for business fandom, some admirers were bidding as much as $117 on eBay for a ticket to Berkshire Hathaway's May 1 annual meeting. Determined to ensure access for all, Buffett posted 10,000 tickets on the site, at $2.50 apiece (a bargain, given that one share of Class A stock goes for $93,500). But it's hardly the only time Buffett-mania has reared its head. Below, a sampling of the robust Buffett aftermarket.

$16.95 The bestselling Buffett tome

$210,000 Buffett's 20-year-old wallet, sold at a charity auction in 1999

$5 Two tickets to Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting

$250,100 Lunch with Buffett, sold on eBay in 2003

$100 Dollar bill signed by Buffett, sold at a church auction in Nebraska in 2004

$20 Bobble-head doll, sold on the Omaha Royals' website