Smells Like Money
By Kate Bonamici

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Forget the color of money--now you can smell like it. This fall New York City boutique perfumery Bond No. 9 will introduce the latest in its string of city-inspired scents, a fragrance appropriately called Wall Street. Described as a "career scent that invests in the brisk energy and bravura of New York's teeming financial district," the signature bottle will sell for $190. Laurice Rahme, who worked for Lancome, L'Oreal, and Creed before founding Bond No. 9, wanted an androgynous fragrance. "For me it's the new Wall Street," she says. "Very rich, very powerful, but unisex. Not the expected man in a white shirt and a red tie, like Michael Douglas [in Wall Street]."

So what exactly does money smell like? Well, in a nod to the South Street Seaport near Wall Street, Rahme says there are marine accents (that would be sea kale and ozone, not fish) as well as some lavender to relax harried bankers. The fragrance ends with traditional musky notes. Hey, beats the smell of panic sweat. --Kate Bonamici