By Kate Bonamici

(FORTUNE Magazine) – You have to be 18 to vote, but that hasn't stopped political pundits from spreading their message to a new audience: kids.

Cokie Roberts announced in September that she will pen a picture book about women who changed American history, while James Carville's tome about his mother's Bayou childhood, Lu and the Swamp Ghost, hit shelves Sept. 1. But perhaps the most surprising entrant into the field, especially given the fact that he is newly embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, is Fox pundit Bill O'Reilly, who has taken teen self-help by the horns with his just-released The O'Reilly Factor for Kids.

Most of the O'Reilly opus is surprisingly moderate--even, dare we say, laid back. But amid advice on dealing with parents, bullies, drugs, and challenges at school are a few nods to his base. "Respect your life and the lives of all others, including unborn children," O'Reilly writes in a chapter on coping with death. O'Reilly also makes a big deal of his clean-living ways: never liked drinking, doesn't smoke, and never touched an illegal drug. Oh, and he was 20 when he lost his virginity, FYI.

The most cringeworthy pages are in sections dubbed "Pinheads and Smart Operators," which frame quick bits of advice as faux instant-message conversations-- albeit using acronyms that most kids wouldn't go near. (For example: "IYNWIM," "SSINF," and "YYSSLIBTO." A glossary defines them as "If you know what I mean," "So stupid it's not funny," and "Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, like I believe that one.") Safe to say, we won't be seeing O'Reilly--or his slang--on The O.C. anytime soon. -- Kate Bonamici