Work really rocks
By Nadira A. Hira

(FORTUNE Magazine) – For most corporate citizens, leather vests and press-on tattoos aren't exactly wardrobe staples, but at the Fourth Annual FORTUNE Battle of the Corporate Bands--held in October at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland--they were all the rage. Corporate rockers from Nextel to Wells Fargo to BP wowed the crowd of 600 with a mix of original tunes and good ol' rock & roll (the Battle's proceeds went to the Hall of Fame's Education Fund). Negative Feedback, a collection of eBay staffers, took home first prize: Rock Hall varsity jackets, a Gibson headstock trophy, and their picture in the museum's FORTUNE Battle of the Corporate Bands exhibit. This year the contest also featured its first international competitor, Pulp It Up KC, from Australia's Kimberly-Clark. "We talk about the importance of diversity," says Beth Mentesana, manager of corporate relations at Air Products, a Battle sponsor. "This is yet another form of diversity--musical. We've got people who come to work every day as engineers or drivers, and they have these wonderfully rich lives outside the company." In other words, unlike most rock stars, they have day jobs to fall back on. -- Nadira A. Hira