Brand spokesman, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati
By Cora Daniels

(FORTUNE Magazine) – I WAS BORN THIS BIG, THIS BALD, AND THIS strong 47 years ago. Solving America's cleaning dilemmas nationwide keeps me in pretty good shape. My biceps are ... well, let's say they're bigger than most. I've cleaned up NASCAR races, Hollywood premieres, charity events--there's no mess too dirty or too big for me to handle. Being an international symbol of clean--with all the attention I get--can make for a pretty hectic schedule: I'm pretty much on the road every month. Staying clean all the time comes naturally to me--I've perfected my cleaning technique so as to never ever get dirty. And I'm never seen out of my whites. I was recently in a contest for America's favorite icon, where I competed against the Jolly Green Giant, the Energizer Bunny, and the Michelin Man. We all got along pretty well. The Michelin Man and I shared fashion tips. -- Interview by Cora Daniels

P&G company regulations forbid Mr. Clean from giving his real name or answering questions out of character.