Digital Makeover DONNA AND JIM GLANZ BYOB Inc.
By Julie Sloane

(FORTUNE Small Business) – When Donna Glanz bought a liquor store from the state of Montana in 1995, she got a pretty good idea of why the state wanted out--profits were slim, inefficiencies massive. With no merchandising or marketing background, Donna and her husband, Jim, were seeking the right product mix and price points to drive sales. In lieu of a book or expensive consultant, Jim turned to a marketing program from Business Resource Software (BRS).

TECH WITH A TWIST By asking as many as 500 questions on everything from competitors to advertising, BRS's Business Insight uses statistical models to predict how successful a new product or service might be.

STIRRING THE MIX The 12-employee business couldn't bear the time and complexity of studying its sales data on paper with 25,000 products for sale. "BRS asks us questions we wouldn't have ever thought about," says Jim. The software discouraged a move into stocking groceries but encouraged them to buy the now successful high-end scotches and bourbons, despite their blue-collar area.

STRAIGHT UP The product shuffle increased profits 25%, and Jim credits BRS with guiding him toward the right decisions. With the extra cash, the Glanzes are opening two additional outlets and starting a new business: their own distillery.

--Julie Sloane