THE BEST STOCKBROKERS They Tell You What to Buy and When to Sell
By Jerry Edgerton and Bruce Hager

(MONEY Magazine) – The best reason to invest through a traditional broker is for sound advice about stocks and bonds. An investor who makes his own decisions will usually pay lower commissions at a discount firm. The problem with taking advice from a broker, however, is that brokers are in business to sell. They can increase their take-home pay by pushing high-commission products or by encouraging frequent trading, whether or not the client's interest is served. So where can you turn for a broker who dispenses reasonable, impartial advice? You might start with our list below. To compile this directory of topnotch brokers in 50 major metropolitan areas, we sought recommendations from Yale Hirsch, editor of the investment newsletter Smart Money and the author of the Directory of Exceptional Stockbrokers; executives in the head offices of the brokerage firms themselves; and experienced investors, financial planners and other knowledgeable sources in each city. Money correspondents then interviewed the candidates about their investment philosophies and methods of handling accounts. Last, the list was checked against Securities and Exchange Commission records to weed out brokers ever fined, censured or suspended by the SEC, the National Association of Securities Dealers, major stock exchanges or state regulators for professional misconduct. To be considered for Money's directory, brokers had to be willing to take on new accounts of $20,000 or less for investment in individual securities. This requirement cut out many well-known brokers who accept only accounts of $100,000 or more. It also eliminated brokers who will accept a $20,000 account only if all the money goes into mutual funds, which demand less attention than do stocks and bonds. While mutual funds may be a fine way to invest such a sum, you don't need a broker to buy them. In fact, you are probably better off ; buying funds directly from fund sponsors who charge lower commissions than brokers do -- or none at all. As it is almost impossible to verify how well a broker's stock recommendations have performed, we looked for brokers whose experience suggests strong stock-picking skills. We favored those with independent opinions who did at least some of their own research. Expertise not available elsewhere -- such as familiarity with fast-growing local companies -- also gained points for a broker. We looked for evidence that a broker gives exceptional service and is readily accessible. While he or she may have assistants who can handle queries about housekeeping matters, you should be able to reach your broker quickly for answers to important investment questions. One of the commonest complaints about brokers is that after recommending a stock that does well, they fail to follow up. Clients lose some of their previous gains because they do not receive timely advice. Worse yet are brokers who sell you a loser -- no broker can be right 100% of the time -- and then fail to advise you when to cut your losses. In our list, we have noted those brokers who routinely alert their clients to sell a stock either after a sizable gain has moved the price to a target level or to prevent further losses after an initial drop. We have also indicated whether a broker will increase or decrease the percentage of clients' assets that is invested in stocks because he or she perceives a major change of direction in the market. Some brokers believe that they cannot possibly call such turning points, so they advocate buying solid stocks and holding on to them for the long term. While we believe that the brokers listed here can offer excellent service and profitable investment ideas, not all brokers are right for all investors. Our list gives a capsule description of the investment approach of each broker, including areas of specialization. You are likeliest to find happiness with a broker if you first think through carefully what kind of investor you are and then seek out a broker whose philosophy matches your own.


Albany, N.Y.

Tony Malatino (E.F. Hutton, 41 State St., Albany 12207; 518-447-1305) Concentrates on blue-chip stocks and municipal bonds

John A. Phelan (First Albany Corp., 41 State St., Albany 12207; 518-447-8430) Attentive to small accounts; also makes sell recommendations

| Albuquerque, N.M.

Lanny Rominger (Dean Witter Reynolds, 6400 Uptown Blvd. N.E., Albuquerque 87110; 505-883-6262) Favors a conservative approach using high-yield stocks

Jim Shafer (Eppler Guerin & Turner, 1650 University Blvd. N.E., Albuquerque 87102; 505-842-0303) Follows blue-chip and growth stocks

Atlanta, Ga.

Beth Dale (Robinson-Humphrey, 3333 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Atlanta 30326; 404-266-6316) Specializes in stocks of local companies

William B. Jones (Paine Webber, 3340 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Atlanta 30326; 404-262-5812) Specializes in small accounts and investment clubs

William A.H. Rhodes (Merrill Lynch, 3500 Piedmont Rd. N.E., Atlanta 30305; 404-231-2425) Prefers blue-chip stocks for small accounts

Larry Taylor (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 3495 Piedmont Rd., Atlanta 30305; 404-266-5813) Emphasizes client understanding of investment risks; follows mostly blue chips

Baltimore, Md.

Harry M. Ford Jr. (Legg Mason Inc., 7 E. Redwood St., Baltimore 21202; 301-539-3400) Seeks stocks with low price/earnings ratios

Edwin Reynolds Jr. (Baker Watts & Co., 100 Light St., Baltimore 21203; 301-685-2600) Does own research on local companies

George Strum (Legg Mason Inc., 1777 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore 21208; 30l- 486-8010) Concentrates on stocks suitable for long term

Marie Van Deusen and Carole Oliver (Paine Webber, 100 S. Charles St., Baltimore 21201; 301-576-3278) Work as team; know bonds and blue-chip stocks

Birmingham, Ala.

Arthur E. Malone Jr. (J.C. Bradford & Co., 505 N. 20th St., Birmingham 35203; 205-251-8000) Knowledgeable about small, regional companies

Bob McLain (Merrill Lynch, First National Sonat Bldg., Birmingham 35203; 205-326-9548) Follows large-company stocks and bonds

Boise, Idaho

Dick Petso (Piper Jaffray & Hopwood, 923 W. Idaho St., Boise 83702) Favors blue chips for long-term growth

Michael Thompson (E.F. Hutton, 945 Bannock St., Boise 83702; 208-344-5800) Follows mostly large-company stocks but also researches local firms

Boston, Mass.

Peter Annicelli (Paine Webber, 265 Franklin St., Boston 02110; 617-439-8352) Favors blue chips; also knows local high-technology stocks

Edward D. Cook Jr. (Smith Barney Harris Upham, Exchange Place, Boston 02109; 617-570-9564) Follows a wide range of stocks, including computer companies; works with investment clubs

Gary D. Markoff (E.F. Hutton, Chestnut Hill Plaza, Chestnut Hill 02167; 617-739-8720) Follows a mixture of large- and small-company stocks; likes to use stop-loss orders

Joseph McGraw (Homans McGraw Trull Valeo & Co., 131 State St., Boston 02109; 617-973-0509) Mixes fundamental and technical analysis

David Messaline (Tucker Anthony & R.L. Day, 1 Beacon St., Boston 02108; 617-725-2032) Also a certified financial planner; specializes in bank and utility stocks; does some of own research

John Stockwell (Alex. Brown & Sons, 1 Boston Place, Boston 02108; 617-723-7300) Recommends a mixture of blue chips and small retail clothing stocks

Buffalo, N.Y.

Dennis J. Galucki (Dean Witter, 610 Norstar Bldg., Buffalo 14202; 716-846-2640) Focuses on stocks of ''socially responsible'' companies, avoiding electric utilities with nuclear plants and arms manufacturers. Likes food, clothing and health-care stocks

George T. Gregory (Kidder Peabody, 3737 Marine Midland Center, Buffalo 14203; 716-849-3853) Follows a combined growth-and-income approach

Peter O'Keefe (Trubee Collins & Co., 1 M&T Plaza, Buffalo 14203; 716-49-1481) Favors a buy-and-hold approach

Chicago, Ill.

Ross Baumgarten (Rodman & Renshaw, 120 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 60603; 312-977-7882) Seeks stocks selling at low P/E ratios

Roy K. Crispe (First of Michigan Corp., 135 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 60603; 312-263-7444) Follows a mix of large- and small-company stocks; makes sell recommendations

Mary D. Esser (Forest Securities, 475 River Bend Rd., Naperville, Ill. 60540; 312-983-2960) Knowledgeable about both growth and income investments

David J. Klein (Paine Webber, 707 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook 60062; 312-564-7542) Makes sell recommendations

Shirley Litt (Bear Stearns, 3 First National Plaza, Chicago 60602; 312-580-4103) Favors a mixture of bonds and mostly blue-chip stocks

Connie Manchester (Mesirow Financial Corp., 135 S. LaSalle St., Chicago 60603; 312-443-5778) Looks for large-company, well-researched stocks just below the best-known, blue-chip level

Leon F. Strauss (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 1 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago 60606; - 312-977-3061) Welcomes small accounts; follows mostly large, well-known companies

Cincinnati, Ohio

Paul Parker (Cowen & Co., 3 E. Fourth St., Cincinnati 45202; 513-579-8100) Follows a mix of bonds and large-company stocks

Hank Schmidt (Gradison Financial Services Inc., 580 Building, Cincinnati 45202; 513-579-5046) Favors primarily blue-chip stocks but also looks for small, fast-growing Ohio companies

Laurence J. Wulker (Paine Webber, 425 Walnut St., Cincinnati 45202; 513-369-4181) Also a certified financial planner; frequently recommends high- yield stocks; makes sell recommendations

Cleveland, Ohio

Sam Alberico (Merrill Lynch, 30100 Chagrin Blvd., Pepper Pike 44124; 216-292-8020) Specializes in undervalued small to medium-size U.S. companies; also follows foreign stocks

Bud Klein (Cowen & Co., 1375 E. Ninth St., Cleveland 44114; 216-623-7755) Favors stocks selling at a discount to their asset values; looks for special situations such as corporate restructurings

Ralph E. String (McDonald & Co. Securities, 2100 Society Bldg., Cleveland 44114; 216-443-2323) Specializes in income-producing investments; many of his clients are retirees

Columbia, S.C.

John Allison (Smith Barney, First National Bank Bldg., Main Street at Washington, Columbia 29201; 803-771-8990) Favors mostly blue-chip stocks, convertible securities

Tom Kepley (Chapin Davis & Co., 1401 Main St., Columbia 29201; 803-765-9900) Prefers blue-chip stocks; makes sell recommendations

George T. McCutchen (Robinson-Humphrey, 1310 Lady St., Columbia 29201; 803-771-8818) Welcomes small accounts; recommendations mix blue chips with smaller fast-growing companies

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Kenneth D. Ferguson (E.F. Hutton, 500 N. Ackard, Dallas 75201; 214-720-1200) Specializes in entertainment companies

Raymond E. Jennison (Canterbury Properties & Securities, 311 Interstate 30, Rockwall 75087; 214-722-8008) Does own research; suitable for high-risk investors

Miriam S. Kindred (E.F. Hutton, 5050 Quorum Dr., Dallas 75240; 214-934-4800) A service-oriented broker who is also a certified financial planner

William T. Melms (A.G. Edwards & Sons, 1701 River Run, Fort Worth 76107; 817-338-1401) A certified financial planner; adept at options trading

Alice Dye Rollins (Rauscher Pierce Refnes, 1600 RPR Tower, Dallas 75201; 214-978-0111) Does own research; good for investors seeking income

Denver, Colo.

Jerry Bruni (Smith Barney, 102 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs 80903; 303-633-1793) Does own research; good for conservative investors

Terry Erbert (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 717 17th St., Denver 80202; 303-294-7725) Favors blue chips and out-of-favor stocks

Dan Harty (Paine Webber, 1600 Broadway, Denver 80202; 303-861-2400) Does own research; favors large-company stocks

Peter Mindock (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 717 17th St., Denver 80202; 303-293-7700) Prefers blue chips as well as over-the-counter stocks

Gregory P. Watson (Boettcher & Co., 1919 14th St., Boulder 80302; 303-441-0612) Does own research; favors blue-chip stocks

Des Moines, Iowa

Hobie Bannister (Piper Jaffray, 717 Mullberry St., Des Moines 50309; 515-244-9111) Follows both blue chips and stocks of regional companies

Douglas A. West (A.G. Edwards, 309 Court Ave., Des Moines 50309; 515-244-2255) Specializes in companies selling for less than break-up value; suitable for long-term investors

Detroit, Mich.

James Agee (Merrill Lynch, 200 Renaissance Center, Detroit 48243; 313-446-1264) Willing to help clients set objectives; favors growth stocks

Robert B. Clark (Paine Webber, 111 W. Third St., Rochester 48063; 313-652-3200) Generalist; good for conservative investors

Janice M. Gilmore (Kidder Peabody, 3290 W. Big Beaver, Troy 48084; 313-649-5700) Favors blue chips

James A. Lark (Fahnestock & Co., 23400 Michigan Ave., Dearborn 48126; 313-563-5060) Specializes in emerging growth and turnaround companies

Paul Messimer (Merrill Lynch, 400 Town Center Dr., Dearborn 48126; 313-336-4500) Favors large-company stocks

Alfred B. Moran (A.G. Edwards, 333 W. Fort St., Detroit 48226; 313-962-5525) Specializes in drug and utility stocks and Michigan municipal bonds; for income investors

Bob Stoetzer (First of Michigan Corp., 100 Renaissance Tower, Detroit 48243; 313-259-2600) Knowledgeable about income-producing securities such as utility stocks and municipal bonds

Greensboro, N.C.

Brad Clasby (Paine Webber, 3608 W. Friendly Ave., Greensboro 27410; | 919-299-9940) Knowledgeable about a wide range of investments including real estate limited partnerships and annuities as well as stocks

Jim Kirkpatrick (Merrill Lynch, Drawer F-1, Greensboro 27402; 919-373-1711) Favors large-company stocks

Hartford, Conn.

Jay E. Bigman (Advest, 280 Trumbull St., 1 Commercial Plaza, Hartford 06103; 203-241-2044) Does own research; favors small stocks

Terrance Herr (Smith Barney, 1 State St., Hartford 06103; 203-275-0744) Likes to use options as a hedging device

Honolulu, Hawaii

Richard Behnke (Abel-Behnke Corp., 1188 Bishop St., Honolulu 96813; 808-536-2341) Heads own firm; specializes in local stocks and turnaround situations

Peter Higuchi (Shearson Lehman Bros., 1585 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu 96814; 808-946-8377) Likes to use covered options

Robson Hind (Dean Witter, 1001 Bishop St., Honolulu 96813; 808-525-6946) Specializes in small stocks

Phil Norris (E.F. Hutton, 1001 Bishop St., Honolulu 96813; 808-521-2961) Knowledgeable about local stocks and emerging growth companies

Houston, Texas

Bert Clark (Paine Webber, 1200 Milam St., Houston 77002; 713-654-0250) Does own research

John Ford (Prudential-Bache Securities, 1331 Lamar St., Houston 77010; 713-951-4431) Tries to identify major market turns

Virginia Hodge (Paine Webber, 1200 Milam St., Houston 77002; 713-654-0200) Knowledgeable about the health-care field

Jerome Levy (Prudential-Bache, 1331 Lamar, Houston 77010; 713-654-4477) Specializes in options

Indianapolis, Ind.

John T. Kelsey (Thomson McKinnon, 5 E. Market St., Indianapolis 46204; 317-632-3501) Concentrates on chemical, oil, computer and pharmaceutical industries

Scott Mullins (Edward D. Jones, 26 Public Square, Shelbyville 46176; 317-398-3143) Favors blue chips

William G. Schaefer (Dean Witter, 251 N. Illinois, Indianapolis 46204; 317-263-5570) Specializes in high-technology stocks

Jackson, Miss.

Melanie Dowell (Prudential-Bache, 188 E. Capitol St., 1 Jackson Place, Jackson 39201; 601-948-4414) Favors blue chips; makes sell recommendations

Fran Hall Finch (Merrill Lynch, 111 E. Capitol St., Jackson 39201; 601-968-9505) Clients include many retirees

Kansas City, Mo.

Maureen Gamble (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 801 W. 47th St., Kansas City 64112; 816-561-4444) Favors blue chips

Joseph Kain (Joseph Kain & Associates, 10540 Barkley, Overland Park 66212; 913-642-3820) Does own research; makes sell recommendations

Margo Shepard (E.F. Hutton, 920 Baltimore St., Kansas City 64105; 816-283-7200) Evaluates clients needs thoroughly; good for conservative investors

Robert Williams (Piper Jaffray, 1100 Main St., Kansas City 64105; 816-421-1550) Specializes in low P/E stocks and companies with undervalued assets

Las Vegas, Nev.

Alan J. Duncan (Prudential-Bache, 20001 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas 89119; 702-796-0135) Bear market veteran; specializes in the gambling industry

Randall I. Garcia (Paine Webber, 3800 Howard Hughes Pkwy., Las Vegas 89109; 702-731-1121) Does own research; favors blue-chip stocks

John P. Mojica (Merrill Lynch, 300 S. Fourth St., Las Vegas 89101; 702-383-6130) Specializes in options and municipal bonds; tries to identify major market turns

Little Rock, Ark.

J. Ogden Mayhugh (Merrill Lynch, P.O. Box 1980, Little Rock 72203; 501-370-2027) Good for conservative, long-term investors

Frank Satterfield (A.G. Edwards, 1501 N. University Ave., Little Rock 72207; 501-664-9135) Specializes in small stocks

Los Angeles, Calif.

Elias Argyropoulos (Shearson Lehman, 15303 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks 91403; 818-788-2800) Specializes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

Andrew Basch (Dean Witter, 10900 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90024; 213-208-4541) Knowledgeable about savings and loan and biotechnology stocks

Richard A. Bock (Bear Stearns & Co., 1800 Century Park East, Los Angeles 90067; 213-201-7809) Does own research in biotechnology stocks

Patrick M. Burke (Paine Webber, 4675 MacArthur Court, Newport Beach 92660; 714-253-6324) Concentrates on high-yield stocks

Bill Carr (E.F. Hutton, 650 Town Center Dr., Costa Mesa 92626; 714-641-7715) Prefers buy-and-hold approach

Neil Kneitel (Oppenheimer & Co., 2029 Century Park East, Los Angeles 90067; 213-552-3880) Specializes in restructuring companies; also knowledgeable about bonds

Peter M. Malis (Prudential-Bache, 16501 Ventura Blvd., Encino 91436; 818-788-7460) Specializes in bonds and other income investments

Ti Nguyen (Kidder Peabody, 610 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach 92660; 714-644-7040) Takes a contrarian approach to blue-chip stocks; also knowledgeable about the waste-management industry

Larry M. Phillips (Dean Witter Reynolds, 3501 Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance 90503; 213-214-5901) Looks for well-known but out-of-favor stocks

David J. Pollock (Oppenheimer & Co., 1 Century Plaza, Los Angeles 90067; 213-552-7581) Seeks stocks with undervalued assets

Victor E. Refkin (Shearson Lehman Bros., 9601 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills 90210; 213-858-4100) Does own research; specializes in restaurant-industry stocks

Mark C. Roukas (Bateman Eichler Hill Richards, 700 S. Flower St., Los Angeles 90017; 213-683-3955) Specializes in income-oriented investments; does own research

Kristin Stockmar (Kidder Peabody, 333 S. Grand St., Los Angeles 90071; 213-485-1100) Knowledgeable about the pharmaceutical industry

Louisville, Ky.

Howard Linker (J.C. Bradford, 315 S. Fourth Ave., Louisville 40202; 502-589-7660) Does own research; likes out-of-favor issues

Robert Liter (E.F. Hutton, First Trust Centre North, 200 S. 5th St., Louisville 40202; 502-561-4007) Prefers blue chips; tries to identify major market turns

Robert Matlock (Advest, 2400 Meidinger, Louisville 40202; 502-589-8302) Does own research

Miami, Fla.

Mark E. Gold (Thomson McKinnon, 11601 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami 33181; 305-891-8000) Tries to identify major market turns

Gloria Llewellyn (Paine Webber, 2500 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables 33134; 305-448-5444) Does own research; specializes in Florida bank stocks

Tony Rodriguez (Shearson Lehman, 777 Arthur Godfrey Rd., Miami Beach 33140; 305-674-5900) Specializes in medium-size out-of-favor companies

Carole Salmon (Smith Barney, 777 Brickell Ave., Miami Beach 33131; 305-379-1000) Tries to identify major market turns

Milwaukee, Wis.

Donald V. Anderson (Dean Witter, 250 Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee 53202; 414-291-7624) Does some of own research; welcomes small accounts

James F. Herget (Blunt Ellis Loewi, Grafton State Bank Bldg., 101 Falls Rd., Grafton 53024; 414-375-4040) Follows low P/E stocks; prefers buy-and-hold strategy

Thomas F. Schmid (Robert W. Baird & Co., 777 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee 53202; 414-765-3525) Specializes in small, regional stocks

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.

Gary Donath (Paine Webber, N. 100 First National Bank Bldg., St. Paul 55101; 612-291-7979) Does own research; specializes in regional stocks

Sharon Erickson (Prudential-Bache, 80 S. Eighth St., Minneapolis 55402; 612-340-4537) Does own research

Jack Feltl (R.J. Steichen, 1414 First Bank Place West, Minneapolis 55402; 612-341-6212) Does own research; concentrates on turnaround situations

Ross Paden (Merrill Lynch, 2700 IDS Tower, Minneapolis 55402; 612-349-7992) Favors blue chips

Douglas K. Savitt (Paine Webber, 320 Opus Center, 9900 Bren Rd. East, Minnetonka 55343; 612-936-4858) Specializes in emerging growth companies and convertible bonds

Bruce Wiessner (Dain Bosworth, 6600 France Ave. South, Edina 55435; 612-925-7046) Specializes in small stocks, including high-technology issues

Nashville, Tenn.

Larry Fuldauer (E.F. Hutton, 1 Commerce Place, Nashville 37219; 615-244-2500) Likes blue chips; also follows some secondary stocks

Fred T. McLaughlin (J.C. Bradford, 330 Commerce St., Nashville 37201; 615-748-9315) Prefers mainly blue chips but also follows some riskier over- the-counter issues

Mimi Wallace (J.C. Bradford, 330 Commerce St., Nashville 37201; 615-748-9391) Favors blue chips; likes to use stop-loss orders

New Orleans, La.

C.B. Brewster III (Dean Witter, 639 Loyola Ave., New Orleans 70113; 504-587-9624) Follows over-the-counter stocks; familiar with oil and gas companies

Nolte C. DeRussy Jr. (Thomson McKinnon, 1 Shell Square, New Orleans 70139; 504-581-4881) Does own research; follows emerging growth stocks

Stuart Singer (Howard Weil, 900 Energy Centre, 1100 Poydras St., New Orleans 70163; 504-582-2758) Follows low P/E stocks; welcomes small accounts

New York, N.Y.

Jeff Armstrong (Dean Witter, S. 61 Paramus Rd., Paramus, N.J. 07652; 201-712-4053) Concentrates on out-of-favor issues

Michael Baum (Woodmere Securities Inc., 1215 Station Plaza, Hewlett, N.Y. 11557; 516-374-5050) Does own research; looks for turnaround stocks

John Claghorn (Tucker Anthony, 535 Madison Ave., New York 10022; 212-303-0557) Advocates a balanced portfolio mixing growth and income stocks

Richard Clark (Legg Mason, 63 Wall St., New York 10005; 212-428-4985) Likes stocks in companies with strong cash flow

Alan Denzer Jr. (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 60 Broad St., New York 10004; 212-480-6598) Makes sell recommendations; tries to identify major market turns

Robert Gorman (Paine Webber, 1221 Ave. of the Americas, New York 10020; 212-730-5959) Favors a balanced approach, using municipal bond unit trusts, blue chips and emerging growth stocks

Julie Habers (Shearson Lehman, 2 Broadway, New York 10004; 212-412-4781) Attentive to small accounts; prefers buy-and-hold strategy with blue chips

Robert L. Kraut (Shearson Lehman, 666 Fifth Ave., New York 10103; 212-373-6423) Also a certified financial planner; knowledgeable about a wide range of investments

Richard Matteo (Swartwood Hesse Inc., Heights Plaza, 777 Terrace Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. 07604; 201-288-8500) Looks for smaller, lesser-known companies with good growth potential

Robert Petruski (Dean Witter, Mack Centre IV, S. 61 Paramus Rd., Paramus, N.J. 07652; 201-712-4101) Tries to identify major market turns; knowledgeable about high-yield stocks

Charles Roden (Rosenkrantz Lyon & Ross, 6 E. 43rd St., New York 10017; 212-986-6700) Prefers out-of-favor stocks in well-known companies

Todd Semon (Philips Appel & Walden, 185 Bridge Plaza, Fort Lee, N.J. 07024; 201-461-8041) Does own research; seeks low P/E stocks in companies with strong cash flows

Robert Shapiro (E.F. Hutton, 605 Third Ave., New York 10158; 212-878-3948) Thoroughly evaluates clients needs; seeks low P/E stocks

Myron Wein (Prudential-Bache, 100 Gold St., New York 10292; 212-791-3222) Favors lower-priced New York Stock Exchange issues; good for long-term investors

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Barbara Crabtree (E.F. Hutton, 211 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City 73102; 405-232-9181) Likes stocks in medium-size to large companies

Bill Grooms (Dean Witter, 6305 Waterford Blvd., Oklahoma City 73118; 405-841-3981) Does own research; bear market veteran

Rosemary Allen (Thomson McKinnon, 777 First National Center, Oklahoma City 73102; 405-272-9711) Specializes in small accounts; good for conservative investors

Omaha, Neb.

Dick Kelley (Dain Bosworth, 9290 W. Dodge Rd., Omaha 68114; 402-392-6100) , Likes blue chips; also knows regional stocks

Marshall Lewis (Blunt Ellis Loewi, 1901 Farnam St., Omaha 68102; 402-344-0100) Does own research; seeks low P/E stocks and stocks in companies whose assets are undervalued

Robert Prendergast (Piper Jaffray, 910 N. 96 St., Omaha 68114; 402-397-1600) Knows regional stocks, has many retired clients

Philadelphia, Pa.

Mitchell Dressler (Merrill Lynch, Foxcroft Square, Jenkintown 19046; 215-576-3176) Favors stocks in large companies; welcomes small accounts

Joel P. Feldman (Tucker Anthony, 1760 Market St., Philadelphia 19103; 215-972-8600) Contrarian who favors large companies

Kenneth A. Friedman (Fuhrman-Matt Securities, 1608 Walnut St., Philadelphia 19103; 215-875-4680) Prefers balanced approach using blue chips and some speculative issues

John H. Geary (Boenning & Scattergood Inc., 121 S. Broad St., Philadelphia 19107; 215-875-1660) Seeks out-of-favor high-yield stocks

Robert Goldberg (Janney Montgomery Scott, 5 Penn Center Plaza, Philadelphia 19103; 215-665-6255) Does own research; specializes in small, emerging companies

Alan H. Meyers (Prudential-Bache, 1515 Market St., Philadelphia 19102; 215-241-6793) Emphasizes diversification among fixed-income and equity holdings

Andrew Palashewsky (Janney Montgomery Scott, 530 Walnut St., Philadelphia 19106; 215-625-6800) Looks for high-quality stocks selling for less than $60

Arnold M. Peskin (Collings Legg Mason, 2310 Fidelity Bank Bldg., Philadelphia 19109; 215-735-1000) Also a C.P.A.; looks for out-of-favor stocks

Anthony W. Tedeschi (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 3 Mellon Bank Center, Philadelphia 19102; 215-561-8060) Specializes in tax-free bonds and high-yield securities; good for fixed-income investors

Phoenix, Ariz.

Lewis Carns (Shearson Lehman, 15456 N. 99th Ave., Sun City 85351; 602-933-0191) Frequently recommends a mix of stocks and tax-exempt bonds; makes sell recommendations

Peter Johnson (R.G. Dickinson & Co., 7373 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale 85253; 602-483-3201) Does own research on small, fast-growing companies in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries

Edward F. Muhlenfeld (Rauscher Pierce Refsnes, 6607 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale 85253; 602-991-0803) Looks for undervalued stocks followed by only a few security analysts

Vince Zamis (Private Ledger Financial Services, 14901 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale 85254; 602-483-8408) Does own research; seeks stocks with undervalued assets

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Tim Beck (Shearson Lehman, 1 PPG Place, Pittsburgh 15222; 412-392-5800) Emphasizes client service; favors blue chips

Nancy T. Brown (Legg Mason Masten, 2579 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh 15241; 412-833-0310) Bear market veteran; thoroughly evaluates clients' needs; suitable for long-term investors

James J. Garcia (Merrill Lynch, 2 Gateway Center, Pittsburgh 15222; 412-566-6742) Prefers large-company stocks and blue chips; likes to use stop- loss orders

Thomas B. Rieck (Thomson McKinnon, 300 Sixth Ave., Pittsburgh 15222; 412-456-1746) Follows quality blue chips; suitable for long-term investors

Ruth C. Robinette (Legg Mason, 2 Oliver Plaza, Pittsburgh 15222; 412-261-7300) Likes out-of-favor blue chips

Richard J. Scarton (Legg Mason, 2 Oliver Plaza, Pittsburgh 15222; 412-261-7300) Favors established NYSE or OTC companies, but can accommodate aggressive investors

Nancy C. Snyder (Paine Webber, 3 Gateway Center, Pittsburgh 15222; 412-288-2715) Bear market veteran; suitable for conservative, long-term investors

Portland, Ore.

Moonja S. Hollosy (Dain Bosworth, 1 S.W. Columbia, Portland 97258; 503-295-5885) Does own research; follows regional stocks and blue chips

David Jarman (Piper Jaffray, 101 S.W. Main, Portland 97204; 503-224-9020) Does own research; follows regional stocks and emerging growth companies

Jim Liss (Birr Wilson, 180 S.W. Harrison, Portland 97201; 503-224-1800) Contrarian; concentrates on small and medium-size growth companies

William H. Scott (Dean Witter, 10300 S.W. Greenburg Rd., Portland 97223; 503-293-4252) Does own research; tries to identify major market turns

Providence, R.I.

Barbara Kenerson (Tucker Anthony, 1000 Fleet Center, 50 Kennedy Plaza, Providence 02903; 401-457-1914) Teaches investment seminars; seeks turnarounds, other special situations

Steven Pitassi (Janney Montgomery, 236 Westminster Mall, Providence 02903; 401-274-8600) Caters to small investors; favors small local companies

Judith D. Struck (Tucker Anthony, 1000 Fleet Center, 50 Kennedy Plaza, Providence 02903; 401-457-1925) Teaches investment seminars; seeks low P/E stocks

Richmond, Va.

P. Robert Kremzir (Scott & Stringfellow, 901 Moorefield Park Dr., Richmond 23236; 804-323-1012) A former mechanical engineer, he looks for undervalued capital-equipment stocks; makes sell recommendations

William R. Via (Paine Webber, 901 E. Cary St., Richmond 23219; 804-644-4111) Specializes in utilities and other high-yield stocks; has many retired clients

St. Louis, Mo.

Robert C. Kenny (A.G. Edwards, 10401 Clayton Rd., St. Louis 63131; 314-991-7800) Advocates a balanced portfolio of bonds and well-known stocks

Tony Kirk (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 7701 Forsyth Blvd., St. Louis 63105; 314-889-4924) Often recommends a buy-and-hold strategy with bonds, including zero-coupon issues

Bernard Kohm (Stifel Nicolaus, 500 N. Broadway, St. Louis 63102; 314-342-2756) Looks for little-known or out-of-favor stocks selling at low P/E ratios

John R. Moulton (Shearson Lehman, 8000 Maryland Ave., St. Louis 63105; 314-725-3700) Emphasizes low-risk strategies using large, well-known stocks

Salt Lake City, Utah

Randy Carlson (Fitzgerald DeArman & Roberts, 5241 S. College Dr., Salt Lake City 84123; 801-263-1900) Specializes in fast-growing OTC stocks

Karen Tafuri (Prudential-Bache, 50 W. Broadway, Salt Lake City 84101; 801-534-0088) Concentrates on well-known stocks with strong earnings growth; also knows gold-mining and energy issues, real estate investment trusts

San Antonio, Texas

Kent J. Cooper (Rotan Mosle/Paine Webber, 425 Soledad St., 100 NBC West, San Antonio 78205; 512-220-3838) Favors a mixture of stocks and municipal bonds; knowledgeable about the oil industry

Ronald Keller (Rauscher Pierce Refsnes, 300 Convent, San Antonio 78205; 512-225-6611) Believes in stocks as long-term holdings but does set sell targets to cut losses

San Diego, Calif.

Dennis A. Costarakis (Prudential-Bache, 701 Palomar Airport Rd., Carlsbad 92009; 619-931-6800) Knowledgeable about technology companies

Rhett Dodson (Kidder Peabody, 701 B St., San Diego 92101; 619-236-1165) Seeks financially strong, small, fast-growing companies

William Kopenhaver (Merrill Lynch, 16787 Bernardo Center Dr., San Diego 92128; 619-485-0950) Specializes in fixed-income securities, blue chips

San Francisco, Calif.

John Arkoosh (E.F. Hutton, 580 California St., San Francisco 94104; 415-954-9381) Does own research on undiscovered stocks in companies with little or no debt

Kenneth Brown (Birr Wilson & Co., 353 Sacramento St., San Francisco 94104; 415-983-7758) Favors a mixture of stocks and tax-exempt municipal bonds

Joseph J. Craig (Sutro & Co., 201 California St., San Francisco 94111; 415-445-8548) Favors mostly blue-chip stocks and urges clients to hold for the long term

Butler Crittenden (Wedbush Securities, 160 Sansome St., San Francisco 94104; 415-986-3330) Does own research, specializing in medical stocks

Lawrence E. Goodfriend (Sutro & Co., 201 California St., San Francisco 94111; 415-445-8300) Generalist; makes sell recommendations

Lawrence Marcus (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 555 California St., San Francisco 94104; 415-627-3182) Specializes in high-risk, potentially big gainers among little-known stocks; will take only a portion of any client's portfolio

Rod Miller (Dean Witter, 101 California St., San Francisco 94111; 415-955-6000) Specializes in medium-size but little-known over-the-counter stocks

Cecily Monahan (Thomson McKinnon,1970 Broadway, Oakland 94612; 415-834-2390) A former nurse who specializes in medical-industry stocks; makes sell recommendations on declining issues

San Jose, Calif.

Donald Davies (Prudential-Bache, 150 Almaden Blvd., San Jose 95115; 408-291-2007) Favors conservative approach, using blue-chip stocks and bonds rated BBB or better

Gayl Stevenson (Bateman Eichler, 99 Almaden Blvd., San Jose 95113; 408-298-2727) Seeks stocks with high yields

Betty Chambers Toguchi (Kidder Peabody, 730 Welch Rd., Palo Alto 94304; 415-853-3250) Favors blue chips and tax-free bonds

Seattle, Wash.

Arne R. Domas (Piper Jaffray, 1700 IBM Bldg., Seattle 98101; 206-223-3841) Likes blue chips; also favors medium-size companies overlooked by analysts

Jack Hanover III (Dean Witter, 350 106th Ave. N.E., Bellevue 98004; 206-455-8062) Does own research; specializes in regional stocks and tax-free bonds

Mary Ann Heeren (Dain Bosworth, 999 Third Ave., Seattle 98104; 206-621-3230) Contrarian; does own research

- Eric Olanie (Dain Bosworth, 999 Third Ave., Seattle 98104; 206-621-3234) Does own research; specializes in growth stocks

Peter Rettman (Kidder Peabody, 1001 Fourth Ave. Plaza, Seattle 98154; 206-628-8542) Does own research; specializes in small, local companies

Tampa, Fla.

J. Thomas Hartung (Dean Witter, 2560 Enterprise Rd. East, Clearwater 33546; 813-797-1611) Favors blue chips

Jim Bockenek (Dean Witter, P.O. Box 22500, Tampa 33630; 813-873-5647) Favors low P/E blue chips with undervalued assets

Washington, D.C.

Renee Frederick (Ferris & Co., 7101 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Md. 20814; 301-986-7613) Specializes in turnaround stocks and private real estate limited partnerships

John F. Glenn (Legg Mason, 8251 Greensboro Dr., McLean Va. 22102; 703-821-9100) Seeks long-term growth; welcomes small accounts

Martin M. Gray (Drexel Burnham Lambert, 1850 K St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006; 202-862-2870) Looks for top-quality bonds and stocks of out-of-favor companies

Horace V. Lurton (Johnston Lemon & Co., 7101 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Md. 20814; 202-842-5367) Specializes in stocks overlooked by analysts

Richard Malone (Dean Witter, 1 Bankers Square, Alexandria, Va. 22314; 703-838-8611) Does own research; contrarian who seeks low P/E stocks

Michael C. Neviaser (Financial Service Group, 1953 Gallows Rd., Vienna, Va. 22180; 703-790-0543) Favors small, fast-growing companies

John J. Parise Sr. (Dean Witter, 2 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase, Md. 20815; 301-961-1808) Favors local growth stocks and companies that do business with the federal government