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By Henry Wheelwright, age 14

(MONEY Magazine) – Last year, when MONEY asked me to review the latest video games, I raved about Sega Genesis' Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic turned out to be the video-game hit of the year. So here's the deal. I've just played a bunch of games coming out for the holidays and found four that kids like me will really enjoy: My favorite is Super Nintendo's Hook (suggested retail price: $59.99; the hardware retails for $149). Hook is a wild, high-flying adventure with superb graphics, great sound effects and fantastic music; it's based on the 1991 Steven Spielberg movie. A surprise winner from Super Nintendo is Super Mario Kart ($59.99), a car-racing game that's one of the best racing games ever. If your kids are bored with Sonic, get them Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ($54.99; hardware goes for $99). Sonic 2 lets two people play simultaneously. Sega also has a great new sports game in NFL Sportstalk Football-1993 Starring Joe Montana ($59.99). The graphics are so sharp you feel like you're next to the field, and when your team advances, you can zoom in on the action.