Wall Street Votes with its Pocketbook Goldman, Merrill, Citi: Donors from financial services firms are forking over some of the biggest bucks in the 2004 race.
By Joan Caplin


% of campaign funds from financial donors [1] 12%

Contributions from financial services firms dwarf those of any other sector. Merrill Lynch, at $368,200, is his biggest single corporate donor, according to the latest available data. Nos. 2 and 3: UBS Americas and Credit Suisse First Boston.

Total amount raised [2] $133 MILLION


[% of campaign funds from financial donors [1]] 3%

A former stockbroker, Dean is no Wall Street fave. Goldman Sachs is one of his top corporate sources, but gave just $16,000. (Goldman leads all companies, in all industries, in total giving.) Dean's top donor category? Higher education.

[Total amount raised [2]] $41 MILLION


[% of campaign funds from financial donors [1]] 10%

No. 2 on Kerry's list of industry backers (after lawyers) is the securities field. His second-biggest corporate benefactor: Citigroup. Kerry's finance chair (Citi vice chair Louis Susman) raised more than $91,000 for the senator's campaign.

[Total amount raised [2]] $25 MILLION


[% of campaign funds from financial donors [1]] 5%

Old buddies from Edwards' days as a personal-injury lawyer have come through: Lawyers account for half of the money he's raised. Toxic tortists Baron & Budd gave the most of anyone: $77,000. Just $1,250 behind: Goldman.

[Total amount raised [2]] $16 MILLION


[% of campaign funds from financial donors [1]] 2%

Before New Hampshire, less than 2% of all dollars donated to Democrats went to Clark. The founders of Stockbrokershop.com, a financial recruiter, hope to change that by hitting up their list of 400,000 advisers.

[Total amount raised [2]] $14 MILLION

NOTES: Donations from companies are the combined funds of their PACs, officers, employees and families. [1] Based on filings as of Sept. 30 and Dec. 1. [2] As of Dec. 31. SOURCES: Center for Responsive Politics, PoliticalMoneyLine.com.