The Uggly Truth
By Amy Feldman

(MONEY Magazine) – >> Gotta have those ultratrendy Ugg boots? With stores sold out and the Aussie boots on back order until May, eBay auctioneers in January were asking $300, $400 and more for the footwear, which normally retails for as little as $110.

You could add your name to the wait list at Or you could forget sartorial snootiness and settle for any number of Ugg look-alikes, such as Emu boots, recently selling for $90 at places like After all, way down in Australia, Ugg is not a brand name but a local term for any sheepskin boot of the type made popular by surfers. "Uggly Americans," one Australian newspaper sneered over efforts by publicly traded Deckers Outdoor of Goleta, Calif. to stop others from using its trademark of the name Ugg. --A.F.