Travel Gear Don't leave home without it
By Stephanie D. Smith

(MONEY Magazine) – $25 Compression socks Blood clots that start in the legs are a danger on long flights. HJ Hall Flysafe compression socks improve circulation. (

$50 AquaBells dumbbells A road warrior's dream: Add water. Work out (they can weigh up to 16 pounds each). Empty. Go. (

$350 Polaroid PDV-0800 DVD player Pop in Finding Nemo and keep the kids happy. Fine features include a four-hour battery and an eight-inch swiveling screen. (

$499 Triax 22-inch carry-on by Victorinox Stylish, almost indestructible and able to expand three inches and lock in place. Plus, it's got a pivoting handle. (

$8 Point It picture book Don't know how to say "steak, medium rare" in the local dialect? Point to any of the 1,200 photos of common objects and make yourself understood. ( --STEPHANIE D. SMITH