Table of contents: VOL. 33, NO. 10 - October 1, 2004
Feel overwhelmed by your financial life? Here are 10 ways to simplify, organize, save money—and tame that paper dragon (more)

Rebates! No-interest loans! Car makers just can't stop themselves. That makes today a great time to buy-if you know the right way to play the incentive game (more)

Rabid organizers, start your hard drive. The 2005 versions of Quicken and Money are here. (more)
You don't have to pay a 6% commission to sell your home, says discounter Mary Valdez. The bane of Sheridan, Wyoming's real estate establishment, she may also be the future of her industry (more)
Voting your wallet on Nov. 2? Before you do, look beyond the wrestling on the campaign trail and focus on the economy your candidate would truly deliver (more)
You don't have to do it all yourself. We've picked out two funds that have taken Graham's lessons to heart, and two for Fisher fans (more)
Graham and Fisher never had it so good. Here's how to find the info you need for free on the Web (more)
Ben Graham and Philip Fisher, two of the greatest investors ever, applied a few simple (but stringent) rules. You can do the same (more)

Is having lots of bucks not bringing you lots of bliss? Maybe the problem is all in your head (more)

A counterpoint: Stop worrying. The U.S. real estate boom is rational (more)
Instead of paying to get rid of his used veggie oil, a chef uses it to power his truck—free (more)
Bush plugs his Medicare drug bill, while Kerry looks north of the border (more)
Real estate will make you rich, eh? If everyone thinks so, how can it be true? (more)
An e-mail poses as a fraud alert from your bank. Click through, and you'll be fleeced (more)
International funds are this year's hot thing. Here's what you need to know before heading overseas (more)
Why a low price-to-earnings ratio may not be a bargain (more)
Iraq, oil, the economy. You can find plenty to worry about, but there's also a lot you can do to position yourself for better days (more)
In the best of times, it pays to stick with companies that have a lot of cash and little debt. A prescription that works well on today's maladies: Pfizer (more)
What's worrying the market right now shouldn't bother holders of these three MONEY 100 funds (more)
How do you outmaneuver a lackluster economy? Ride the top company in a fast-growing field. Our pick: Univision, the nation's Spanish-language media titan (more)
Why do stock investors seem so nervous these days? Maybe they've been listening to Morgan Stanley's pessimistic chief economist, Stephen Roach (more)
New reforms are supposed to toughen up the independent directors who oversee mutual funds. Don't bet on it (more)
Money Talk
Odds are, you use only 60% of the minutes you pay for—which is great for your provider but bad for you. There is a better way (more)
You know you should adjust the way your asset pie is sliced as you get older. The solution: Let a fund do it for you (more)
Moriah Sells has set her sights on Harvard. Her family had better start planning—fast (more)
Health savings accounts are on their way. Here's what to do when they arrive (more)
When the debt burden gets too heavy, who ya gonna call? (more)
Anxious to lock in profits before real estate prices fall, some homeowners are trading their super-size homes for something more modest. Should you? (more)

New GPS navigation systems can get you where you're going every time—and for less than $300 (more)
Bag the hotel and frantic pace. Instead, unwind in a villa, savor la dolce vita—and save (more)
Every wine list has a sweet spot, the range where you'll find the best wines at the fairest prices. Here's how to find it, wherever you dine (more)
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When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|