Table of contents: VOL. 34, NO. 2 - February 1, 2005
If you have dreams, go for them. With a smart, thoughtful strategy and the proper commitment to your goals, you don't have to let money stand in your way (more)

Robert Shiller argues that housing in many cities is undergoing the same irrational exuberance as stocks did in their bubble days. MONEY's Amy Feldman spoke with him in late December about what homeowners and potential buyers can do to keep from getting burned. (more)

Introducing the MONEY 5O, an elite group of proven funds you can use to build a rock-solid portfolio--whatever kind of family you have (more)
MONEY's annual report on the year's chart-toppers, as well as performance data for more than 1,800 major stock and bond funds. To see how the funds you own—or those you are considering—fared, read on (more)
Everything you need to succeed (more)
The people of Union Point, Georgia trusted one of their own. When he turned out to be a swindler, they crashed and burned with him (more)

How to find great ski-vacation deals and discounts now (more)
An industry pro frets that the world's biggest producer is starting to run low (more)
A Valentine's Day flash from those romantics in the economics department: If you want to be happy, don't get rich. Get married (more)
As home values skyrocket, so do property taxes. But it's easier than you think to stop local government from reaching too deeply into your pocket (more)
Fraudsters promise you lower rates. All they want in return is your checking info (more)
The dollar's decline has a lot of people scared. How to protect yourself without overreacting (more)
Satellite radio is the hot new tech toy. The stocks are even hotter (more)

You don't always need a six-figure portfolio to get the most out of a stock strategy. Here's how you can jump in for less than $5,000 (more)
Money Talk
The new wireless-phone directory is nothing to worry about—but your number can still fall into the wrong hands (more)
The true price of that B.A. may not be as high as you think (more)
Evan Hendricks, master of the dark art of credit scoring, reveals how to impress lenders (more)
When one spouse retires and the other doesn't, they need to adapt to a new financial reality—and some very different lifestyle choices (more)
After a loved one dies, family feuds are more likely to erupt over treasured personal possessions than over money. Here's how to keep the peace (more)
When you're between jobs, don't put your family at risk by skipping insurance. Protect yourself with a short-term policy (more)
Focus first on the retirement lifestyle you want, then run the numbers (more)
Cozy up to a space heater and put a freeze on heating costs (more)
Bring your workout home with you (more)
Bugs Bunny, muse? Yes, animation cels have captured the imagination (and dollars) of serious art collectors (more)
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When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|