Wine by Web
By Liza Schoenfein

(MONEY Magazine) – This May the Supreme Court struck down laws banning direct-to-consumer shipments across state lines by wineries. The court held that Michigan and New York can't bar out-of-state winemakers from shipping to, say, Lansing or Albany while permitting local wineries to do so.

The immediate beneficiaries will be wine lovers in those two states who want to buy, via phone or Internet, wines that aren't carried by mass-market retailers. For example, you will soon be able to have California's Bridlewood Winery 2002 English Pleasure Syrah ($30), available only direct from the maker, shipped to your doorstep in Grosse Pointe.

Winemakers believe the chances are good that the decision will prod the half-dozen other states with similar shipping bans to change their rules. "It's going to increase choice and lower prices," says Tracy Genesen, legal director of the Coalition for Free Trade, a wine industry group. --LIZA SCHOENFEIN