Money Funds Make a Comeback
After three years of barely-there returns, money-market mutual funds are posting yields worth paying attention to
By Amanda Gengler

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In recent months, yields on money market funds have risen dramatically. Average rates are now approaching 3%, up from just 0.5% in June 2004, while the top-yielding funds are paying 3.5%. As interest rates generally continue to rise, money fund yields should go even higher.

Best Strategies

• Favor taxables over tax-frees... if you're in the 33% bracket or lower (income under $326,450 for singles and married couples). Yields on taxables are rising faster, making them a better bet.

• ...and money funds over bank money-market accounts. Over the past four years or so, top bank saving vehicles have yielded more than top funds. Now the trend seems poised to reverse.

• Be a cheapskate. Look for funds with expense ratios below 0.6%, the money fund average. High fees reduce total returns.


Rates on money funds should average 3.75% by the end of the year, with top-earning funds pushing 4%. Yields could go as high as 5% in 2006.

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