Table of contents: VOL. 34, NO. 10 - October 1, 2005
We all worry about money. Problem is, we're scared of the wrong things. (more)


Achieving the American dream will be harder for kids today than for previous generations. Here's how to make sure yours have the head start they deserve. (more)
Medical journalist and cancer survivor Curtis Pesmen explains why he's a believer (more)
What you need to know to extend your personal warranty. (Plus, advice for any body.) (more)
A money-wise checklist for your body's second 40 years (more)
Follow this checklist to keep your body humming. Pssst, gents! Some of this applies to you too. (more)
Sure, Andy Williams is lucky: He gets paid to play soccer. But being a journeyman athlete is no ticket to wealth. With maybe five years left in his playing career, he needs to get his finances on the ball. (more)
Building up gave this Minnesota house more floor space--and more appeal (more)
Lenders are pushing risky loans with low payments. Desperate home buyers are snapping them up. Worried yet? (more)

how i did it
Four years after my husband died on Sept. 11, I'm setting up a scholarship foundation in his name (more)
This young couple is willing to take big risks to retire early. But their aggressive investing style could easily derail their dreams. (more)
Is it better to get dividends from shiny condos or rusty industries? (Trick question.) (more)
Companies that generate lots of cash can be great investments, as long as they spend it wisely (more)
Ahoy, investors. Cruises have never been more popular. A record 10.5 million people set sail from North America in 2004, and bookings are running ahead of that pace this year. That should be great news for Carnival and Royal Caribbean, which control more than 70% of the market. But rising oil prices have sunk the stocks. (more)

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Order a free copy of your credit report--and then dig in (more)
How to help your aging parents when you don't live next door (more)
Pitches for juvenile life insurance tug at the heart, but the policies don't deliver (more)
She quit a six-figure job to teach public school. But can her family get by on just a third of the income? (more)
After three years of barely-there returns, money-market mutual funds are posting yields worth paying attention to (more)
A popular retirement product promises you the upside of stocks without the downside. My advice: Don't bite. (more)
The Savvy Answer Is......Swipe your debit card, then hit "credit." You'll find the pen is mightier than the PIN. (more)
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Our expert checks out the latest batch of remote controls that can boss around every device in your den (more)
Four winter destinations that have it all, except crowds (more)

Make updating your coverage a priority--even if you don't live in a hurricane zone (more)

Straight from the source, tips for getting the most out of your call to customer service (more)
New rules aim to shed light on your relationship with your broker (more)

More and more grandparents are helping to pay for big expenses, but there's a right and a wrong way to do it (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|